Is there anyway to find older deck sizes & shapes?

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I looked on the web but no luck. I am trying to find the deck dimensions on these boards;
Paul Machnau 2001 debut pro model
Mike Santarossa 1997 debut pro model
Eric Ricks 1991 or 92 debut pro model


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    i got a used machnau brigade issue deck that is red and white but only thing i can suggest is ebay i see the late 90s boards on there once in a blue moon. saw a moses board on there i really wanted it lol u know what is sad though i had to buy my boy rodney's pro model from ebay from someone in canada haha it was a old one but my favorite one so i had to get it at any cost
  • Crazy cuz crazy lol! But mission accomplished. U wouldn't happen to know the size to that Machnau deck by any chance? I'm doing a lil' comparisions for some research & would much ablige hehe!
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    ill research it and find out maybe the size can still be seen on it 7.5 x 31.375 it is the paul machnau  brigade issue from 2001 with the big star on the tail
  • Ok I'm trying to find his Bear deck, the one where the bear or whatever is tearing through a Canadian flag.
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    yea i remember that my friend had one that was his first graphic here is mineimage
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