Vallely Elephant Reissue

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I have managed to procure a couple of the Vallely Elephant decks from 2011 in the red color way. I noticed on both of them, there seems to be some discoloration/fading around the edges where the red is much darker. However, there is no "C" stamp on the deck or nothing else to indicate that these are defective. No warp either.  It seems to only be on the red decks, none of my others have this problem.

Anyone else notice this? Thoughts?


  • when i read this i thought mv was back haha
  • LMAO. I thought the same thing, I even came prepared with a bunch of jokes. I guess I'll have to save them for next year when he really does come back. I think he's been trying to get on The Firm, he can't understand why lance hasn't called him back.
  • Yeah, haha. Sorry gentlemen. I didn't think about that. Of course, I'd love to see Powell reissue anything MV. Does he even own the rights to that board?? I would't think so.

    Anyway, if any of you can address my question, I'd still appreciate it. That "flaw" does bother me a bit.
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    graphics are a 2 way street they cant be re-issued if the pro doesnt sign off on them
  • I figured Powell owned the rights to do whatever they want with their boards, graphics. VCJ designed it, anyway. But, I can understand. The Elephant OG Rogue just isn't the same thing. Alas.
  • Yea, from everything I ever heard, PP, the rider, and the graphic designer have to all sign off on any release.  Which always created problems with riders on other companies, Lance, Tony (even though it's his company).  As much as the re-issues bring us back to a fun time, it also reminds us that it's a business.  Like all sports, we are so emotionally attached to our team, rider, company, we forget that it's really just a business to them.  Which, according to Mike V, is why he left PP for the umpteenth time.  He thought he was coming back to a skate company and was upset that he felt the only reason they wanted him back was to promote the docu, reissues, and so on.  He said he didn't want to be a pawn in some nostalgic game.

    I'm sure it was all about money, it usually is.
  • As a business I don't blame them if that was the reason. After all - if you have a product you think you can sell that would also make a lot of dudes young and old stoked..then why not put it to the market
  • I agree, I love this time in skating. Old school is popular with bowl skating, New school is doing strong with progression in the parks, and stunt skating is big. Great time for skating.
  • Haha yea man for sure. The only downside is the countless amount of hipsters riding around on those poxy penny boards
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    haha yea welcome to the twilight zone hosoi rides for them now
  • between duane peters and mike v  who has ridden for the most companies ! can t beat a GT COYOTE 2 for the ultimate plastic !!!! it had double kick back in 1975 !!!!!! hah !!!  learned  andrechts on one !!!!!!!!!!

  • The business aspect of it can suck, obviously. I assume that is why there were no Hawk BB reissue shirts along with the rest? The release of the graphic would somehow cut into Mr. Hawks millions? I was really looking forward to rocking one of those. It's sad, also, that we will never see another PP Mike V elephant, my all-time favorite Powell deck. It makes you feel that each time a reissue comes out you need to buy 5 of them just in case you never see it again. It is horrible, also, when you feel guilty about actually skating a certain deck (ie my MV elephant) because you realize that unless you are prepared to spend way too much on EBay, you will not be able to continue enjoying it if it ever breaks. Irritating. After all, these are meant to be used, not merely hung on a wall.
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