BB T-shirts?

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Skateone list all the BB t-shirts as "slim fit". Why would they make t-shirts for a mostly 30 and over group slim fit?


  • pp is telling u to get yo ass in the gym
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    Is that why they feel so strange?  I thought it was just the material or SOC changing the actual t-shirt manufacturer.  I have a few old PP shirts and a bunch of reissues, they all feel like normal T-shirts....but the BB reissues have a different feel.  Not complaining, but they feel strange.  I like them.

    My biggest issue with t-shirts in general is the arm length.  I'm lanky and skinny, 6' and 160lbs....and the 160lbs is mostly my "turning 40 belly".  My arms are still long and thin.  So I buy XL shirts simply because L or even M would fit, but the sleeves are WAY too short.  A M shirt fits, but it looks damn near like a tank top on me.  I wish they made L shirts with extra long sleeves.
  • I have a few nos Lance shirts in white & some reish PP shirts. Size wise they are all good, material wise tho they are different, not in a bad way, just you can tell the difference.

  • their shirts feel different because the tags say made in mexico now i saw it on a recent bones wheels shirt
  • That's exactly out Dr, just a good, just different material.
  • The BONES WHEELS shirts are a little longer and thinner than the Powell Peralta shirts. Different make.
  • Dr, I have a NOS LMFP shirt, and the neck is HUGE.  I seem to remember the shirts back then all fitting like that, with the neck hole being very large.
  • I have a few left over from stocking up years n years ago, Ill comp them against some of the reish shirts I have & snap a pic
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