Nose Bones

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I was searching the warehouse and came across some original pink Nose Bones still packaged.  Check the site under accessories as we will be adding them on this afternoon. Limited amount available.


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    Anything else hidden in the corners?  I always imagine that, somewhere, in some warehouse, are boxes of random items.  Decks, shirts, sweats, accessories.  Finding that box must have been like stumbling across buried treasure.

    Back in the late 80s an old skate buddy of mine broke into the local surf/skate shop in the middle of the night and cleaned them out of all their decks, trucks, wheels...anything he could throw in his parents van....also stolen.  We had heard the rumors but didn't confirm it until I went to his house a week later and saw everything myself.  He had decks stacked up against the wall, must have been 4 stacks 4' high, boxes of trucks and was insane.  He said "Grab anything you want.".  Of course I didn't grab anything, mostly out of fear more than morality.  We naturally distanced ourselves from him, none of us wanted to be connected to the robbery, plus it was just bad news.  It was one of the few skate shops we had, all of which were just the back room of a surf shop.  We all were "sponsored" by a different shop.....which is to mean they gave us free shirts and wheels and whatnot to wear their shop shirt at the local "skate night" shop.  Anyway, the guys who skated for the shop he robbed saw him with a different, new, setup at each of the following weeks "skate nights" and asked around, finding out he was responsible.  Back then there weren't a ton of skaters, so we all knew each other.  We all skated at the same spots, and everybody skated at "skate night", which was a roller rink that brought out a bunch of ramps, rails, boxes, and so on every Thursday.  So it didn't take long for people to catch on, and he was arrested...but from what I heard he had already hidden everything at someone elses place and told the cops he sold it all.

    I never did find out what happened to all that stuff, so I imagine it's still in someones storage unit somewhere.  Based on prices today on eBay, it would be a small fortune.  Sadly he never recovered from being a "bad kid", spent time in and out of jail, and is there for the next 20 years.  It was a shame, he really was a nice kid before he got all stupid, and he could skate.  He was the first guy I saw ollie up onto a picnic table, he was insane....always the first one to learn something.  He could have gone pro, he really could have.  None of us were THAT good, we had our own little niche, we had our own strengths.  But he was THAT good.  

    Sorry to hijack your thread and ramble.  I just miss those days, not the robbery...just those times, and I miss the kid that he was before he turned South.
  • Umm..I have no cool story to tell, I just wanted to ask - do you have em in black or green? Man nose bones are hard to find in those colors
  • Chris lol .. no matter what, I read the ramble. Its always something I can relate back to myself.

    Old stock found .. very nice Kam, well done  :)
  • maybe old stock mcgill shape found ;)
  • ill keep looking for that one.
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