powell classic shaped tech decks??

i was wondering........ with the release of the santa cruz classic tech decks..is there any chance we might see
some classic powell tech decks?


  • yes. they are going to be pretty rare but they are coming out. they should be out around now.
  • AWESOME. any idea which ones??? and the best place to buy em?? thanx.
  • toy store(kb toystore for example) or skateshop
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    McGill F14, Cab Dragon 1, Ray Rod Sk & Sw, Hawk Skull. im pretty sure those are them cause one of the guys here has a set of SC decks and that set of our decks that look brand new.
  • ok so..........you did say hawk skull tech deck right??? so is it possible if the king himself tony hawk is allowing
    a powell teck deck version of his world famous graphic...a bigger lets say..."real" version of a re-issue of that board
    may be coming out??.......( i know im pushing it hear) and if so that would be obiously cool as s@#$. would also be
    nice cuz i have 2 real hawks i wont ride cuz i spent $500.00 bucks a piece for on e-bay.
  • nope, not in the works at all. sorry to be a heart breaker Nick. but on the positive side your OG's will be holding their value
  • oh well........ like i said i knew i was pushing it. couldnt hurt to ask. thanx.
  • it never hurts to ask.
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