Axe Rated for sale on fleabay.

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Thought I'd point it out.  I know it's really rare and someone might want it.  I know I can't afford something that will surely go for hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.  Plus the seller sounds like a real dick.


  • Ive got the little thingy at home to convert VHS to DVD .. hmm..
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    Or just watch it here:

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    And here.

     PPK187 you'll like this cause it has sweatpants in it.
  • But those don't have signatures on them.
  • YES!!! Thanks myren!
  • Sure you can WATCH it on youtube....but you can't hold it, caress it, look at the signatures.  
  • i have that vid somewhere
  • good luck with your auction though ;)
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    there is a tor for #5
  • So....who just sent the "sorry mate" e-mail?  lol
  • i just got a weird one too, haha
  • Sounds like something an aussie would write
  • Lol, agreed mate.
  • I figured I would let you guys see the kind of e-mails I get on ebay.....I suppose I invite this sort of activity.   Please, to my friends outside the US....don't take offense at the things I said to the guy, I just wanted to have fun with it and maybe boil his skin a little.  

    Dear cmb-tech,

    Sorry mate i have a copy too.they were given to shops for promotional use,mine is signed in a red and blue felt pen.

    - don.c68


    Dear don.c68,

    this a question or do you just like randomly reiterating various facts
    in auction descriptions? Or are you just the ebay nazi, reviewing
    various listings in case you may happen to have some "background"
    information on the item....even though the seller clearly explained the
    item in question. If that's the case you should go look at all the Ford
    "Navigation SD cards" people are selling, they claim that all you need
    to do is install it in your vehicle and you will have navigation, but
    not only is that NOT accurate, they are also the older cards, which
    won't even work in the systems that have navigation. I'm sure you could
    have fun with those guys, since they are actually giving false
    information, where as I am not. Good luck on your hunt though, I'm sure
    ebay appreciates all your efforts.

    Love and kisses,

    - cmb-tech


    Dear cmb-tech,

    you fucking stupid yank no wonder your country is controlled by jews go fuck yourself..........bring on the death of america

    Dear don.c68,

    So I take it you won't be bidding on this item then? It's a shame, I was hoping to continue to engage you in conversation. I love mental giants that use terms like "mate", "yank", and "bring on the death of America". Oh and for the record, always capitalize the first letter of the name of a country. I mean, if I were going to type out the name of, whatever fourth world country you are from, I would capitalize it. I most likely would have spelled it wrong but I would have still given it the respect it deserves, for at least being a proper noun. I have to admit, the "death of America" is a little rough, I mean I don't represent the entire nation, and I don't think you being angry at me should result in the downfall of an entire nation. Plus your hatred of Jews....over here we call that anti-antisemitism. I just call it being a douchbag, but I suppose we all have our flaws. And by the way, America is not run by Jews, we are run by European descendants with a possible Muslim President. The entertainment business is run by Jews, that's true. But even in your backwoods country you watch our movies, listen to our music....generally your entire entertainment catalog comes from America...therefore, your country is "run by Jews". I mean look, you are an expert on a skateboard "movie" released in 1988. You are obviously a fan of the skateboard culture, and a fan of Powell Peralta products....all as American as you can get. I don't know if either Powell or Peralta are Jewish names, so that may hurt my argument. But I'm sure you've seen a Spielberg movie....everybody has seen E.T. Well I have to let you go now, I must spend the rest of my day enjoying the freedoms my country provides and not saying words like "mate".

    Have a wonderful day, I hope whatever fictional sky man you believe in makes your country prosperous.....and by "prosperous" I mean "running water".


    - cmb-tech
  • Oh the fun of saying stuff from behind a computer screen...
  • Basically. I always try to be cordial online, but every once in a while someone gets me going. Even then I try to have fun and not get angry, just real smartass.
  • Some people have no sense of humor and take things way to far, much like don.c68 here. Good thing he did not win the tape just to leave negative feedback for you out of spite.
  • You reused your rant on the item description about women getting everything they've ever wanted with their toys and stuff. Man that was the longest item description I've ever read lol
  • Yea, I don't have many rants, I just have multiple medium in which to post them.
  • that lady in the video is creepy dude! and -myren you are correct -we need "skater humor " especially in the times we are in! i am 48 and trying skate as much as i can -vert only ! the hips hurt alot but ............if you don t get it -you dont get it ! lance mountain rules !!!!!!!!!!!
  • and slippery Missouri is awesome !
  • Yea, the video is complete 80s, skater cheese.....and I love it.  
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    Hey britt, is that one of those funny little square states in the middle? Plus I thought it was missoura, my mistake
  • well explain Yahoo Serious   commonly known as the Mid-West Missouri Kansas Nebraska Iowa
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