T Bones re issue

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Id love to see the re issue of the T Bones wheels. I know they were huge at 67mm. i still love em.
 Ive got a pair of the "i call em T Bone 2's". The 98a is a killer ride!


  • I wish they would make the original rat bones in a PF.
  • I'd be up for some t bone reissues, would be good for cruisin
  • Don't think they will seeing as they where Tony's wheels. And G Bones are they same-ish. Good luck trying to pop an ollie with those things too.
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    Tonys huh?   Like literally a tony own the rights thing or a vert thing.  Yeh they do tend to make ollies a litter harder.
    Something about a set of T Bones and Indys look so Killer to me! I slapped mine back on my Mech Cab Dragon last night!
    98a feels sooooo good to me. I mounted em a little tight "just barely" Bones Reds Perfect sound, just enough grip and good slip :)
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  • It's still really easy to get originals for very cheap.  Go to oldschoolskates.com.  
  • Thanks for the heads up cwalker, just made an order for a few sets of g bone colours that I thought were lost to the ages, plus a set of black Santa Cruz oj II streets. Only $7.95 per wheel is an absolute steal!
  • Ozzie at old school is legit.  Good people.  I got their URL from Powell, a few years ago they had them as a stock source on the SkateOne site.  It's where I get all of my OG StreetStyle wheels.
  • yeah, thats a killer site. i bought quite a bit from them about ten years ago when they had a pretty large deck inventory... before prices went through the roof and everyone started collecting
  • Bump, because these are my favorite old school wheels...
  • I reckoned the t bones rock, especially with ollies. they were tall, but narrow, so carried a lot less mass than a lot of the squarer wheels pp produced. also because of the height of the wheel your board to would attain a steeper angle when you tail was hitting the ground, meaning you were ollieing up more than forward, so getting more height. if you wanted to get length in your ollie you sped up leading into the ollie. oss's og t bones have gone up in price since i bought mine. t2's are cheap!
  • Never had a set, those suckers were BIG!! I'd be stoked on a reissue, then I could try em out
  • Aren't they 68mm? Way too big for me, I'm locked onto 60mm. Occasionally swap em out for G bones but god damn they're fast down hills, scares the crap out of me!
  • NOS Ratbones for me....the best wheels in my opinion.....
  • 67mm Slip. These days I skate 56mm(Toxic Shocks), and 60mm(Cockroach and PP Bombers) wheels, mainly due to the improved surfaces I skate
  • Still have some here, but they've been moving over the past 18 months...

  • T-bones at oss are $12.95 while t-bones 2 are $7.50. when i got my t1's i paid around 8 bucks. i can't see the benefit, even for nostalgia, in getting those when i can get the t2's, which are semi modern, and a symmetrical wheel for $5.45 less per wheel. i bought the t2's for my son's hill mini, and they are so smooth. by saving those 22 dollars you could get your self a pair of decent gullwing trucks if you were keen
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