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OK.. here it goes.........this may not work but its not gonna hurt. its obvious ALOT of people want a mcgill "SNAKE SKIN" bottlenose/or kicknose shaped deck.
Everyone that does.. and or goes on other forums or knows anyone that collects, or that just appreciates the graphic at all! Lets hear from you HERE! We may still not get it..but at least everyone at skateone will see just how many people are intrested. the bigger the list.. the greater the chance we have of getting it made...like i said could be wrong
but its not gonna hurt.


  • Yeah I definetly want a mcgill snakeskin, bottlenose or the kick nose preferably. bring it on!!!!
  • Count me in! Snakeskin would be killer! The later version would be better (to skate), than the bottle-nose.
  • Add my name to the list. Snakeskin w/ kicknose would be my preference. I'd buy two boards at least: one to skate and one to hang on my wall. Come Powell, let's do it in time for the X-mas season!
  • Put me on the list for one. And lets work on seeing some wheel wells on them piggies!
  • u probably wont ever see wheel wells...takes too much work to do and the boards would cost more if they did that
  • wheel wells are not something we are going to do but that McGill is very possible. maybe not for a few months or until the next catalog but it is possible. thank you for showing the demand for this graphic and shape and i will forward the information to who needs to know.
  • lets keep it goin guys....dont stop now. more names,comments etc...
  • Let me just chime in that I would buy at least two! One to rip, one to archive...
  • Im deff down for a snake skin... maybe acouple, one or two to ride, one to hang.... but my only gripes are... if its gonna be dipped, dip the whole thing... it doesn't look right when the sides are bare... especially with out bonite... and secondly every reissue i have looks as if it was shrinked way to early...you can see nasty shrink marks in the paint..

    also i would check into "other" forums to see what people are actually saying about the reissues... people would pay a good bit more for them to be done right, IE: wheel wells..proper shapes.. better colorways...screened graphics.etc etc..

    and by people i mean the guys who actually rode and loved OG powell peralta(including myself)
  • SOC check this forum out ... it's a discussion i started about a week ago

  • YES... i agree about the shrink wrap. when you take it off it leaves a weird film on the paint. it does look like it was put on too soon. yeah i wouldnt mind paying a bit more for those
    finishing touches you mentioned either.
  • WOW.....i read that whole discussion on skull and bones and i have to say........... MANY GOOD POINTS!!!!!. skateone please read up. =)
  • the pattern will disappear after about a week with out the shrink wrap on. the decks are stacked on top of each other in final goods which causes the shrink wrap to somewhat stick to the deck.

    i did check out that forum about our reissues and do agree that there are some good points. keep the demands coming.
  • all of mine have been out of shrink for quite awhile... the underhill and ripper have it bad, and the vallely has it on the black details....

    But back on subject...

    make some MCGILL SNAKE SKIN SPOONS!!!! :)
  • yup.... especially where the skateone sticker is with the leaf on it. i got a blue cab bearing deck with a permanent circle shape glob in the paint where it used to be. and yeah i think they would look better full dipped on the sides. minor gripes...not a big deal.... ill forgive you guys if you just make the snakeskin deck =)
  • i think a snakeskin bottle nose would be sick as all hell. i mean enough of the vallelys already. a bottlenose snakeskin would be aweosme. and i think it should be lime green, with a blue snakeskin background. and also, i wish that they would go back to screen printing instead of the heat transfers. if we cant get wheel wells, can we at least get some printed decks?
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    Add me to the list. Hell I would be down for anything with a shape to it. Get Mountain and Hawk to sign off on some stuff too. I know Lance did that one run but common! Hawks would be a license to print money no matter how big a cut you have to give Tony. Oh and a Ban This Cab would be killer as well. Give us some more stuff, not more of the same in a different color!
  • No kidding on the differences. Thankfully the only reissue I bought, the Underhill, is as close as I can remember it. Granted I don't have a vintage one to compare it to but aside from having to redrill it for the vintage Gullwings I have on it it's pretty good. Again I have to reiterate my request for more boards with shapes. I started Skating in 1984 with hand me downs from friends, it wasn't until 86 that I bought my first new board (Vision Psycho Stick) so I like I am sure many others have really no use for the plain shapeless boards that dominate your reissues. The McGill is a perfect example, I LOVE that graphic, I can't bring myself to buy it on the shape that is currently being offered.
  • great comments!! i agree.. i want a cab full dragon no reason we cant have that... the street deck is cool but way too small for me, at least make that one full size then. there is a rumor that barbee hydrant is supposed to actually happen well see....and i feel the same way about the ban this dragon MAKE IT! =)
  • I would love to see the McGill Snakeskin as well.

    Also would love to see the Cab Full Dragon in a new color, light blue would be nice.
  • Dear George,
    what you can read here is the voice of your customers! And as a good businessmen you know what this means. We are the people who buy the old school stuff because we know the graphics, the riders AND WE HAVE THE CASH to spend on the memorablia. Just take a few minutes and think about it. Now move your a** and bring the stuff we want!!!
  • simply awesome............. just so you guys know i put a message on the "skate and annoy" website and i asked if they would mention the disscusion on the next e-bay watch if guys dont know what that is u should check it out ( he reviews vintage boards every month sold on ebay) and hes got an awesome sense of humor/ i also started a dissucsion on the "concrete disciples" website asking everyone who wants the board to please make some noise here. and finally i emailed mike mcgills skateshop in cali asking for any input. i tried goin on mcgills "myspace" page but im havin issues with my computer so if any one wants to do that and u think it will help PLEASE DO. i know all this effort is just for a silly skateboard deck but hey if we get it......... alot of people will be happy. and thats what this is all about HAVING FUN. =)
  • Yes I agreee, I want one as well preferably in bright neon pink.
  • just saw a silver with purple snakeskin sell on ebay for $935.00 yesterday (22 bids). which means 2 things in my opinion... 1. people want this board (duh) 2. evethough the market dropped over 700 points people are still spending almost a thousand dollars on skateboards that are over 20 years old.
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