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    the black colorway looks pretty killer. .

    I can picture it with some sick red griptape red gorilla rails, red trackers, and yellow crossbones.

  • the flat black looks too clean
  • Nick - you have got me totally wanting the McGill now..
    I really hope they decide to re-issue it..
    You have worked hard to make it happen - I do hope they at least give it a modern concave/kicknose if they do make it.
    i THINK Black with the Purple Background would look great, I would take anything.
  • or Pink with the purple - Can't go wrong with that.
  • CommentAuthorDrumSlayer CommentTime11 hours ago
    or Pink with the purple - Can't go wrong with that.

    Pink & Purple is what were talkin about.
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    Yes, pink and purple with the multi coloured ripper on the top l'm hoping for.
  • thanx drumslayer. =) lets keep the faith going.
  • great pics.i had a couple of these in the midnight bluish color back in the day,i would certainly grab a reissue quick. awesome stuff
  • I'm sure they will sell fast, so get in quick!!
  • such a beautiful board! yeah, i'm down with this one as well.
  • way to go guys. keep this thing going
  • image

    Snake Skins
  • great photos! what epic colorways. thanks for sharing Vaskateboards
  • Wow! That hawk colourway is as rare as rocking horse sh%t!
  • "rare as rocking horse sh%t!" thats pretty damn funny. =)
  • is this gonna happen this year or what???????
  • hang in there. =)
  • That Green snakeskin is mega sick.
  • Will you marry me vaskateboards?
  • how bout a threesome?
  • G'day fella's, haven't been on here for a few day's......been as busy as a one armed paper boy with crab's!
    We are moving ever so closer to the next catalogue which is only a couple of month's away!!
  • That a hint?
  • hahaha yea the time is coming. about two months away
  • the green one is smoking hot
  • "hahaha yea the time is coming. about two months away "

    Are you talking about the mcgill or the new catalog SOC? if its the mcgill your talking about which shape is it? Kick down bro, kick down!
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