• From the looks of it you will be waiting years yet.
  • Sorry Powell I would up going with the SC Kendall Jagermeister Reissue instead. Had the Catalog had anything exciting in it I may have gotten something from you but as it sits SC is blowing you out of the water.
  • did you see the salba tiger re-issue in full color? its siiiiiiiiiiiiick
  • Yeah, but I have always wanted a Jagermeister, never had the original so I jumped on this one.
  • Yep, I'm looking at the Kendall and Salba too. Might get all four.
  • Hi im new to the board and wanted to add my two cents. In the 80's all i skated were mcgills. Never really liked any other board. I used to have the round tops mostly (spoon) wich i prefered. Their is a color though that i havent heard anyone talk about or seen on this thread wich was my favorite color scheme...The metalic blue/green. If i remember correctly it was Green with metalic blue snake skin. That for me was the best color. Are they gonna be made again..I would get one in every color if there were different colors available. Best Deck ever!
  • I got one of his last models when everything was going popsicle
    in the 90s, & you couldn't find any old school stuff period. Bill,
    you'd probably remember the shop on Broadway in Fells PT (I can't
    for the life of me remember it's name, they also had a shop in OC,
    not Kelly's though) - Anyhow, I rode that sucker till the tail was gone,
    but always liked it alot. The snakeskin graphic that Nick wants is
    all-time, & I got faith, we'll see it ASAP (hopefully)!
  • Hell yeah, Chat St. Around 1995 they came across an assload of classic late 80's Powell wood and blew them out for $25 a piece. I bought a Hawk Cross and the first Barbee. God I wish I had bought them all.
  • that place had potential but they had to screw it up by being drug addicts
  • You're right, that place always did seem sketchy for some
    reason - I guess the rumors were true, huh? That's funny-
    I wonder what ever happened to that big guy w/the deep
    voice, was his name Bob? He did seem to know next to nothing
    about skating, but was always kicking it with the homeboys off
    the street... I remember when they 1st started out, didn't some
    girl named jessica (from Philly) own the store? I never met her
    personally, but my old buddy Frank Klein (CW you might remember
    him, he was buds w/Jeff Shepherd, now is a photog for City Paper)
    used to tell me he had her in his back pocket, etc, etc. Just curious
    if guys got any more intel on what went down with them, from
    what I had heard through the grapevine, Kelly's had their own issues
    with shady characters as well??
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    yea the big dude was kind of cool but i just went in there for stuff like patches and doc marten bootlaces and yea they went under because of drugs and shit and that big dude ended up being in a wheelchair and later died and as for kelly's yea it had sketchy ppl which doomed them and made them go out of business but that dude kelly is friends with the vu skateshop guys the big guy reminds me of the guitarist from pennywise lol
  • Hey, you guys remember Sports Elite? That was where I hung out - the one in South Baltimore (not Highlandtown). Their claim to fame was sponsoring Bucky.
  • i remember hearing stories about it rodney jones also skated for them and the owner of charm it was before my days
  • Bob died? Geez, that sux, he always was a cool guy, although he
    definitely didn't seem like the healthiest person... In fact, my memory
    was kind of kickin' in some, & I do remember a girl used to work w/from
    NZ knew him pretty well, as did her boyfriend, & both of them were
    heroin junkies (real shame, last I heard though she made it home & got
    clean). Damn, stuff adds up-
    Last time I saw Chris kelly he was reppin' for Burton? My buddy Brad got
    mixed up w/him in some bad mojo before the shop went belly up, I never
    got the full scoop, but can't say I really wanted to hear it all either.
    I didn't know there was another Sports Elite besides the highlandtown one;
    Where exactly was it located? Funny story about that: Way back when I
    ended up skating some school in Highlandtown, PS something, and some
    Sports Elite guys were there, talking about a little kid doing Mctwists, that
    Powell team passed through town & Tony Hawk got him sponsored - I was
    like, 'yea, sure dude' - Of course, he was talking about Mr Lasek, & the rest
    is history...
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    yea the last few times i saw that bob guy he was missing a leg but u could tell he was pretty much done for and then before i knew it chat street was closed and the dude died
  • Sports Elite had a shop in South Baltimore, on Charles - about a block north of the Market. I think it's a hair salon know. I guess that was from about 87-90.
  • yeah and do you remember the hippie on west ave that played dylan songs on an acoustic for weed? ;)
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    still waiting..
  • this feels soooooooooooo long ago. had to bring it out of hiding... ;)
  • havent been on here as much as i used to, however.. i noticed alot of new people on here i dont recognize. let's make this happen this fall guys.. any comments
    or suggestions..let's hear it.
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    You know Im with it - I hope they finally decide to make it, it would be a hit for sure
  • I would still love to see this happen, especially with Mike hitin it at the X-Games, but to be honest I'm not holding my breath. I guess I've been burned too many times at this point.
  • i hear ya... Mcgill just accepted me as a friend on facebook. i posted a quick comment on his wall about it, but he hasnt responded.
    i dont expect him to really..but im still keeping my fingers crossed. ;)
  • C'mon Skate One. 7 pages and it still hasn't happened?

    make it happen.
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