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    yeah plus it has been almost a year since SOC has commented on this thread, I think it may be dead :(

    Although I would still rather see these graphics on modern or hybrid shapes VS the old ones.
  • Some Old school inspired but new function (Think BL Emergency) with Old Grapchis would be awesome.
  • yea id love to have some rippers and skull and swords on a 7.5
  • http://shirtoid.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/powell-ripper-with-vader.jpg
  • http://www.powellperalta.com here is a website that i think u guys will like
  • No McGill in the catalog again.

    Bill, Shin-Gouki, and noskool - check out the new catalog on the home page. Lots of new school shape goodness.
  • im waiting for mine to come in the mail
  • cwalker3 Not really what I meant. The closest i can think of would be the Cab Stencil and Truck. (Would would be the shit would that new Shape Cab Favors now) with the Old Experimental on it.
  • not too much "new school goodness" :P
  • Popsicles are too small for me, especially the tails. I wear a size 14 and they are impossible for me to skate. Like I was saying Cab's New Shape and the Experimental Graphic = WIN!
  • Im another "please reish the snake skin McGill deck please"
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
  • lol .. Nick is about to blow..
  • its only been 2 years now.. =) still patiently waiting
  • Anyone notice that the McGill deck is gone from the store. Does this mean a new colorway or EVEN POSSIBLY A SNAKESKIN IN THE WORKS!!! We're all waiting... Say its so SOC!
  • never know oooooooor maybe they just sold out and about to make some more of it ;)
  • New McGill colorway coming soon in blue. Sorry no bottlenose shape or snake skin background yet. Will work on getting a snakeskin background on the next ones, but it will not be the bottle nose. I will push for it, but if it does come out, it will most likely be on the same shape as now. I am still trying to dig out the original mold for the bottlenose out of the archives and it is proving to be very elusive.
  • thanx for the update kam. much appreciated. ;)
  • For the love of god.... enough with the freaken pig shape mcgill.... dont get me wrong ,its cool and all... but thats all thats been offered for last several years.... DO THE KICK NOSE SNAKE SKIN MCGILL ALLREADY!!!!! (yes im yelling) Atleast that would be functional....
  • Does Stacy or George even read this forum???
  • Even if they put it on a modern shape like they did with the future Primitve board. That would actually be preferable over an unskateable tiny bottlenose shape.
  • agreed. i just want the graphic at this point on something skateable. kicknose would be cool.
  • I'm in for some Snake Skin.
  • one thing is for sure, those of us who collect will buy a few each :)
    & those that dont will end up spewing they missed out.. they will sell out faster than any other re-ish they make imo

    unless of course the iron cross chicken skull is re-ishd as well
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