• You know this thread is almost 2.5 years old! Damn Nick, I think this is your legacy Bro!
  • lifetime goal^
  • heck I'd take a XT snakeskin reissue if I had to! lol
  • I'm up for one too !!! :)
  • my fingers have been crossed for 2.5 years now.. getting a little stiff.
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    For the love of god.... enough with the freaken pig shape mcgill.... dont get me wrong ,its cool and all... but thats all thats been offered for last several years.... DO THE KICK NOSE SNAKE SKIN MCGILL ALLREADY!!!!! (yes im yelling) Atleast that would be functional.... "

    this is my favorite reply cause it sounds like he is having a heart attack hahahahaha
  • I think I am just going to help you guys out and finally buy one of the pig McGill's.

    You see, the way my luck works, the snakeskin spoon nose will come out immediately thereafter.
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    I would like to see the McGill re issued with the blue and silver background print. Mainly because that is what I used to ride way back when.
  • Mine was an XT back in 88, my nephew took it on the ditch skate session, problem is the board had bonite in it and the ditch had a couple of inches of water in the bottom of it. Put those two together and let's just say I didn't have that board around much longer. lol
  • http://shop.ccs.com/images/products/zoom/65-02743_z.jpg check this out
  • I saw that in my latest CCS catalog pretty cool. Still hoping for a Snakeskin bottlenose, even the XT. Guy at my local shop has and og and wants like $900-$1000. I would buy 2-3 one to mount and cruise and the other for the wall!!
  • image

    SERIOUSLY>> this is the best looking mcgill ive seen. MAKE IT!!
  • FYI.. august 2008 i started this thread. 3 years next month!!! its safe to say im pretty patient but.. come on guys.
  • looks like u might get ur wish in december though
  • im in for one fo sho
  • Yeah, in pretty stoked about the ltd run decks. Its sensory overload just thinking about having all those available finally.
  • I hope this is an X-mas we'll never forget.
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  • I would also like to see the Mcgill re-released with a BOTTLENOSE 80's shape. EXACTLY like the one in "Gleaming the Cube". I would like the dragon top graphic as well. However the winged ripper would be great too. Thanks.
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  • I think the McGill snakeskin design will be a top seller, even if it goes on the same old K-15 shape as the mech dragon, although it would be beyond SICK to see bottlenose or kicknose shapes added to the reissue mix! Got to have the snakeskin background and got to be hot pink!
  • never....forget.. 
  • Dam straight bro!
  • posting so the thread stays on top
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