• Is the McGill snakeskin design here yet?

  • nope the snake is still in the cave
  • Got a NOS Silver Snakeskin XT mini on ebay at the moment if anyones interested?? Still in its shrink.

    Item number: 180923015605

  • hopefully it'll be in the fall catalog
  • geez Billy .. we dont really need to know where you keep yer snake
  • Its been almost 5 years now..no snakeskin re issue, and I have actually met mcgill, watched him skate and got him to sign my board during that time...i would of thought getting the re issue would of been more likley to happen...guess not. ;-)
  • Ironic, right?
  • you shoulda asked him whats going on..
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    you could have also asked him if he & lance punched on when they were making chin .. even if he lied & said yes, I woulda been happy
  • Could hear something on Monday. The trailer for the doc is is supposed to premier and have BIG news attached to it, we'll see. I still live in the stoneage with no mobile tech, so shit'll probably be sold out by the time I get home from work
  • I asked mike about a month ago via an instagram comment and he replied that he and Powell were in discussions about a snake skin reissue. Man I hope so!! I love that board, I'd get a pink, green, light or dark blue..I'd possibly buy all four! What might happen is they might release a few reissues around the time the bones brigade DVD/download is released in October. Just in time for xmas, it would make sense. I have no idea why they would not release the snake skin?! It would sell out so fast they would need to make at least a million decks to supply the initial demand, then another 500K a month if they bought out all the colours..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaasse Powell and McGill do what's right and slip us some skin!
  • ...I'm not too proud to get down on my knees and beg =)
  • should have took a screenshot of the convo
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    I've taken a screenshot on my phone and will upload tonight when I get home cause I can't do it from my phone for some reason
  • dope nick will be stoked
  • How the hell do I insert a picture from a file?
  • I can't work it out but the convo went as follows;


    Me: Hey Mike..is there any plans to reissue the snake skin spoon or kicknose board? There's been a thread post going on the skateone website for about 4yrs..that board would sell out in no time whatsoever..classic board with the ripper logo..BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!! @mikemcgill

    mikemcgill: @slippery been talking to @powell_peralta about a reissue - just might happen.


    I then weent on to say how much of a legend I think he is and other doting fan stuff blah blah. As you can see it was nothing definite, but did give me a bit of hope. Lets hope they can come to some type of agreement or whatever. It seems stupid for them not to put out that board as well as a Hawk and some of the more rarer boards out there.

  • That coming Mike himself, is good enough for me to get my hopes up!
  • in the typing box just click on the button that says insert image then copy and paste the url from the site  u have the image hosted on
  • me too Boner.. I reckon its a done deal for the doco
  • This topic needs to be at the top of the discussion list so I posted this message just to reiterate how much I would love a reissue snake skin McGill. Only 43 days until November :)
  • haha we always try out best to keep it up top
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