• Well I'll be damned...
  • its not what we want though
  • i know but was still made lol which is the point
  • Lol doc! U beat me to it..much like women I prefer my skateboards not pig shaped
  • Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=121027936231

    Nice specimen on the snakeskin..it looks kinda weird though, looks as if the size of the deck is too big for the graphic
  • Bump 2013. 
    Snake Skin and no pig shape McGill board!
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    Clear your schedule and get this happening ready for the summer catalog. No preorders thanks lol
  • make it so
  • O yea! Sign me up. I would like a ripper in the bottle nose shape to!
  • Count me in too.  I would buy every colorway offered if they reissued this deck.


    Bottlenose or not, as long it's not a pig and not a modern shape.  Ripper top too!

  • Keep this near the top..yeeeaaaaaawwww snakeskin!!!!!!!
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    I would love to see a snakeskin deck with wheel wells and since everyone is paying $100 or more for the bones brigade decks ( i got all six of the first run) i think people are willing to pay for the cost of wheel wells. I would love to see powell peralta do some britelites and some real beamer decks to. can you imagine being able to buy a beamer today? i would get every one i could.
  • one of my re-issues
  • the snakeskin was already done .. they only made 25 of them.
  • Man! I was so close to dropping 900 bucks on the white McGill with the Pink snakeskin. It's on the kick nose not bottle nose. I started reading all of the comments an decided to hold off. If Skate One will hear everyone out on this request then I will give them my money. He'll they have already taken 1200 just in the new BB issues not to mention all the other goods. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Did I PLEASE, just invade PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • Naturally, I'll take several. It's a no-brainer. Easy money. Please produce some of these...and then the bottle nose Hawk! :-)
  • Hey Dozer, I don't think they're ever going to reish this deck. There's been plenty of opportunity to and the pig shape just keeps getting released in different colors. Check out when this petition started, people have been begging for this graphic for like 5 years, so I wouldn't hold your breath brother! They did come close in 2009 as the pic below shows, but there hasn't been a SOC staff member comment on this thread in ages. I've got no doubt PP knows this graphic would sell like hotcakes so there must be some other reasons why it hasn't been done - maybe the bottlenose board shape mold has been lost to the ages, maybe the snakeskin print is just too difficult to pull off, maybe there's legal issues, who knows. All I know is I've been disappointed every catalog that's come out for the last 3 yrs or so and my fingers have gotten arthritis from crossing them in hope!

    I'm saving up for an original, as I figure the longer I leave it they'll just keep getting more expensive to buy.

  • even if the bottle nose mold is lost they could have put it on the '89 kicknose shape, which is a better shape imo. i think maybe they made to many pig decks awhile back and are trying to use em all up

  • Yeah maybe, but it's not like they released all the color runs of the pig decks at once. It's been one after another in the catalogs over the past few years. Surely eventually they would have given up making new colors of the same deck if they weren't selling and they had a huge stockpile. As an avid speculator I'm leaning toward an issue reproducing the snakeskin background using heat transfers..or some unknown to me legal issue. I did read another speculators comments on the S&B forums that they received a cease and desist over the snakeskin background a while back. I can't see why they wouldn't make this graphic unless there was some reason that they can't or don't want to discuss. I'd assume both pp and mike like making money, they obviously have his permission to use his graphics so...dudes I'm stumped!!

    I'd love to see them do another limited run of the jetfighter deck if possible - I have a purple one, would love one in orange.

    Anyways, PP are always coming out with something rad, so even if this deck doesn't happen I'm sure they'll impress me some other way...such as a pink hawk yeeeww!!
  • the one that came out quite a few years ago on the popsicle shape had to have been a heat transfer, not sure when they gave up silkscreening though. interesting about the cease and desist rumour.... it was their graphic from the get go. at any rate somethings up with it not coming out, too bad they won't come out and say...
  • The mold may well be lost, however its not like there are not any out there that can be copied. From the snb forum, its already been done with another deck.
  • Whatever the shape within reason i.e. Spoon, kick or bottle nose - I'm down for this deck. Obviously...
  • as ive said before call up mike get one of his and trace it then give it back
  • Or call up Mike get one of his boards, trace it, then hang it on your wall. That way you do not have to worry about when or if it will get reissued.

    But I really would like to get a re issue of the snake skin deck myself.
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