• I had to sign on for the McGill and Hawk bottle nose reissues and the Guerrero with the pointed nose. In my honest opinion I would love to see all the XT decks reissued. Damn I miss the 80's... 
  • Lol don't we all bud..welcome :)
  • Well, lets hope that before they cash out completely & retire, they make the snakeskin happen.
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    5 years later and nothing but Pig Rehashes. Thanks for listening PP
  • Its been 5 years since I posted this? Good god.
  • Happy anniversary
  • The turtle eventually wins the race.
  • Maybe in five more years when they run out of pig shapes. Kidding they will never run out of the pig shapes.
  • Considering I came in at the end of 84 and Pigs were being phased out by then I look at one now and I just keep on going. Zero attachment to that shape, and the few times I have tried to ride one it just felt wrong. 
  • While I'm on here thought I'd keep this thread relevant.

    One addendum to this motion - we now also need a black lmfp
  • i was gonna bump this the other day
  • It blows my mind why they haven't released this. You know Mike and VCJ would sign off. The story about losing the mold is ridiculous because they could easily make another.
  • That's true. They can get one on Ebay and trace it out. I guess if we're going to also petition for Slippery's  black Lance maybe I can get everybody to petition for an original Vato Rat with wheel wells and Bones on the nose. Preferably in silver.  
  • Fister, a vato rat the way you described it would be rad.
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    I can not take the credit for the black lmfp idea, have to give props to our boy Chris on that one, he's been lobbying for that deck for like 3 years. I'm with fister, that deck in silver, black or blue would be sweet. I think they reissued a black one a while back, I'm pretty sure I saw one on ebay
  • That's right. It was Chris on the black Lance. They also reissued the Vato Rat in black and blue but it had Powell screened on the nose instead of Bones and no wheel wells.
  • Ahhh..I sort of remembered they didn't have wheel wells but it didn't click with Powell written on the nose
  • Someone should write a letter to them..

  • Lol I vote Dale
  • Putting my two cents in on this one.... or should I say $200 bucks because I'm sure powell will want $100 a deck, and if they actually make some I'm putting two in my shopping cart.... one to ride and one to hang.
  • After seeing that new fun shape snakeskin.. im holding onto some more hope!

  • Billy, any chance the bottlenose McGill snakeskin will ever happen?

  • Thats the million dollar question billy, that popsicle version was like a slap in the face...and none of this cryptic "we might have a good christmas" bullcrap. Give it to us straight, if it's never going to happen then man up and tell us, we can take it.

    1. Are there currently plans in place to release this deck? Even the spoon nose shape version of this deck would be rad

    2. If not, what's stopping you guys from releasing it?

    It's a definite cash cow, just look how many posts are on this thread. If you guys can still be selling the pig mcgill's after it's been released in 50 different colors, how quick do you think this deck would last if you released it? Try a limited run of 500, if there is any left at the end of the first day, I'll buy them all full-retail price, that's how confident I am it'll sell out fast
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