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  • yea thats the one. it would sell like hotcakes
  • I WANT ONE 2!!!!!! NOW please!!!!
  • that would be nice to just snap some fingers and make it happen but if you didnt know, we just came out with our fall catalog and havent quite got all the decks produced from that yet. we will most likely come out with another catalog in February which means new graphics and new decks then.
  • oh i know.... i just want to be sure you know i want my hotcakes with extra syrup and butter. and im willing to wait til spring for really good hotcakes ya know what im sayin? =)
  • aint nothin like some good hotcakes. man im with ya
  • I want one!
  • http://www.skateandannoy.com/features/ebay/2008/ebay069/images-large/McGill750.jpg
  • damn that one has a banging colorway
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    yep. no doubt. i do like the brighter colors better.... but il take a dark one at this point.. i just want em to make that board. i wanna skate that thing!!
  • Sounds good!
  • First choice of color for me would be pink with purple snakeskin. Second would be white with pink snakeskin.

    What are the chances the mcgill snakeskin board could recieve an extended kick nose, in the same shape as the original though. Just like you guys have taken the old dragon and bats shape and given it more modern dimensions (cab stencil). That would be killer man!!!
  • After I read this thread I went to ebay and searched a bit and found:




    The Tony Hawk board looks so incredibly sexy, especially that colorway
    And I so want that Mullen chessboard deck too... ;( I wonder why Rodney hasn't signed for a reissue of his deck, it'd sell like crazy
  • yea that hawk deck is beyond sexy
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    sorry guys i like brighter colors myself .......... but...... that colorway is the definition of "CLASSIC". that deck would of sold much higher had it not been for the hole in the middle. and.. that seller has some pretty nice stuff from time to time.. at least i think thats the same guy anyway... he always uses that background. he once had the ONLY.. "CLAUS GRABKE" powell peralta deck ive ever seen on ebay!!. so rare only 50 ever made!. even beat up it was a buy it now for $850.00. i read somewhere that caballero has one if not the only "NOS" one hanging on his wall.. that alone makes it priceless in my opinion ..... and then just like "KAISER SOSEH"....POOF! IT was GONE!! ........... =)
  • Hey Shin...

    ...I'm just curious. Can you tell me the difference between the snake-skin and the kick-nose?
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    the snakeskin has a rounded nose with slight concave not a doublekick at all/ more like the rounded nose of a tony hawk chicken skull. reason being... 1) jaw bones were very popular at the time and used alot by hawk and mcgill and 2) they fit perfectly under the board in contour to the shape of both of those boards. mcgill still uses jaw bones to til this day check out some current pics youl see one mounted under his board. that deck also had the snakeskin graphic behind the skull and snake that the original pig shaped mcgill with wheel wells did not. He skated the snakeskin during most of the height of his carrer in the bones brigade and is without a doubt the most sought after deck he skated... as for the kicknose...it is an updated shape of that graphic. late 80"s early 90"s people were wanting more of a kick nose similar to the tail. graphics were taking a turn in the "less is more"style and the snake skin was later droped and the nose became longer and kicked upward. hope that answers your question.
  • Nope! The question was more like a joke. You don't get it! The SNAKE-SKIN is the background graphic and not a kind of shape! There are shapes with the snake-skin background an without! THEN there are shapes with the bottle-nose and with the more pointed nose (later version). THEN there are also shapes with a spoon-nose and shapes wit a kick-nose. So please stop saying that the snake-skin is the opposite of the kick-nose. It's like you're telling, that a blue car is the opposite of a convertible! That's all!
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    gee.......... some people really get upset over skateboards huh? =) sorry your havin a bad day moski. hope u feel better =)
  • wow! you guys are super in to these decks. out of all the shapes with the same graphic (the snakeskin) which is the one that everyone wants. i feel really confused after reading these last few posts. i feel your asking for the kick-nose snakeskin? is that correct? or are there multiple kick nosed snake skin boards?
  • the board i originaly wanted was the bottlenose/snakeskin that would be my first choice. snakeskin on the kicknose would be fine as well.. much better to skate. both would be really nice. and make everyone happy. i would buy both for sure.
  • the chance of doing both is slim to none. but one may be possible. i have presented all the ideas off of the message board to the art department in hopes they will be produced. keep your fingers crossed guys
  • I would prefer kick nose snakeskin for sure. Like Nick said it is better function wise for skating. Would love to see that neon pink with purple snakeskin kicknose in the next catalog. Would get 2009 off to a great start!!
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