• yeah if u make that board PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont do a lame colorway!! bright colors please. =) neon pink/purple would be perfect.
  • I agree 110% with Nick and prb76. Kick nose would be best. Although I would love to have a bottle nose McGill to hang, I would rather have one with a kick nose I can skate and just settle for my thrashed original on my office wall. But SOC if you want to do both we won't mind. But please make it in bright colors. Bring back the day glow 80's and the word RAD!!!
  • ill send the message.

    man, i use the word "rad" all the time. my buddy even has a website calle the rad report which is a celebrity dirt/music/whatever web blog/site thing. he gave me a trucker hat that he got made for selling on his website and it just says "RAD" on the front. i wish i could post a pic but i havent enabled the forum to do so yet. im working on that today.
  • That is so RAD!
  • Moski you are just splitting hairs. I am not an idiot and know that the snakeskin is a background and not a shape. However the Snakeskin had it's own shape, and it's identified as the snakeskin and not the bottle nose. The Kick nose is self explanatory. Try not to be such a Skate Nazi OK?
  • skate nazi lol haaaaaaaaaa
  • It seems the art guys ar eover pink based on comments on other threads. Pink would rock but if not lime would be awesome. It would be awesome if you could make the nose 6 inches while keeping the same shape as the original kick nose shape. Kinda like the way you took the dragon and bats shape and gave it a bigger nose (the cab stencil). Just a thought, would make it better to ride......
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    yeah....... i agree on the lime green and the shape 100%. what i dont understand however is why they would not want to put a color that 1) was a color that "was" popular on that board at the height of its popularity and 2) obviously people want it again.. just read above.. i dont get it. why do the opposite of what your customers want? someone explain that theroy to me please. =) once again i will be very grateful if the deck is made. but PLEASE do it right. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE ART DEPT AT POWELL PERALTA: guys... you have to trust me on this. i spend alot of time researching this stuff. i watch public auctions all the time on vintage decks. probably more than i need to and i dont get paid to do it. and what i can say without a doubt is... the mcgill snakeskin/ bottlenose kick nose.. what ever "shape" reguardless.. the "snakeskin graphic" is highly sought after. Its gauranteed to sell better than the current mcgill. but please DO IT RIGHT. DONT BE AFRAID OF BRIGHT COLORS . You guys have access to the graphic archive and ads etc.. take a look youll see that brighter colors sold better then.. than the darker colors. this market your trying to capture with the re-issues is the same market it was in the 80"s were just older now =) thanx guys... anything u can do to make this happen is appreciated. please try and keep an open mind. thanx =)
  • Yeah I think the art guys are letting the modern Powell line color schemes taint their judgement LOL!
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    had to do it. =)
  • ohhh my god Nick that was hilarious!
  • thanx.. i thought it was funny. =)
  • forwarded message.
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    Any of these colors would do!! this shape as well(spoon)... not the penis point(bottle) please :)

    pics courtesy of Bigbadnin


  • the first pic is my top 3 colorways
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    NICE!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah the top 3 are excellent choices. in fact they should just release em in those colors in that order one at a time every 6 months. (good pics)
  • Yeah those shapes and colors rock but make sure its got a kick nose not the flat spoon nose please.....
  • Yeah that green is insane!
  • Any word yet?????????
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