• sk8punk that is the board everyone is talking about and the one i have been hassling the art department for. in that same color way. that thing is beautiful
  • that shit would sell out in less than a week since so many ppl want it
  • it is an awesome colorway,no doubt .i want the first 2 printed. =)
  • Even without a nose (going back is harder than I thought after all these years) I would still get 2 one to hang and one to skate the hell out of. Now if they would do that as is and one with the kick nose mold but with that graphic (Two different releases), I would be in heaven.

    Yes I know I am dreaming.
  • even know i'd prefer the spoon or kick nose(more skateable)... at this point a bottle nose would do
    sign me up for atleast 2... prolly be more like 3 or 4 haha
  • oh yea 3 or 4!
  • yeah...once you get used to a kick nose its hard to go back. at least for agressive skating anyway.. il still cruise around on my vallely but.. if im in a session at a park its the barbee death angel with spf's. at least for now..... =)
  • Wonder what Mike is skating these days?
  • Element Popsicle.
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    Element? Are they a sponsor?

    Should I start a 'Make Mike a Powell popsicle' petition?
  • yes Mike V has been on Element for a while. it would be cool to do a Popsicle for him but it may cause some backlash form element
  • Ah, sorry guys, I meant 'what is McGill skating these days?'
  • his own brand i think.. airspeed? or something like that..
  • yea hes riding his own shred sticks and still doing the most stylish inverts you will ever see
  • yea he started his own brand under walmart and is also sponsored by them lol
  • he had or has shoes going too. McGill is a smart dude for sure
  • yea he has them they are called airspeed lol his whole brand is called airspeed check out this kevin staab board.....he skates for birdhouse now http://www.birdhouseskateboards.com/images/products/decks/fall_08/staab%20scientist%2080s.jpg that shape is insane
  • Yeah but the airspeed boards are not made well. We see lots of them at camps and they always delaminate and crack all up. Still I guess not as bad as the plastic truck and wheeled Spider Man boards we see there! SOC Lance has some pretty stylish inverts and handplants too. Especially the SAD PLANT!!!!
  • yea man we have a guy that works for us that and runs and maintains the web site by the name of John Lytle and supposedly his are even more lethal than Neil Blenders. Danny Way has some epic steeze too
  • yea cause it is a walmart brand so there isnt really much to expect haha but like months ago i went to the walmart site and they got boards that come with grindrails and boxes and shit like wtf
  • I saw some at target that NHS is putting out that are almost decent. Definitely a step above the usual Big Box Store garbage.
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    yeah bill.... thats just like his old graphic ("staab") when he rode for sims back in the day, looks like the same shape as well. classic........ thats cool he's riding for birdhouse now.
  • Sign me up!! Would love 3 or 4.
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    thanx for signing eljimmy. =)
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