• That deck is nasty looking, I would snatch up one of those quick!
  • oh yeah...how bout this.... just found one on ebay. =)

  • thats a nice one
  • yeah. i dig it. =)
  • the next wave supposedly has a snakeskin
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    really!!??????? where did you hear that? lets hope the "real" next wave does as well =)
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    Employee at TRU when I was looking for them so take it for what you will. But seeing that the first Hawk was the Chicken Skull Pig, and the second is the Iron Crosses Chicken Skull, and this is the second McGill they have done (The F-15 was first) it's a natural progression that makes sense.
  • lets hope so. im still waiting for the hawk chicken skull with the bottle nose and background graphic to drop.
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    this sweet piece of history is currently on ebay right now... god the colors are amazing....(sheds tear..) =)
  • That is a sweet setup.

    Please add my signature to the snakeskin petition as well! :-)
  • thanx rex-203. no prob
  • just by posting on the thread you are added. thanks REX
  • Finally got it up on my wall! Thanks to Gillmore on S&B.

  • thanx jess... just makin sure =)
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    NICK, The Hawk Bottlenose out at TRU, along with the McGill Skull and Snake Pig and a LANCE FUTURE PRIMITIVE!!!!!!
  • yeah i saw em.... crap!! i just spent alot of cash on xbox live this week and i just changed jobs.. im gonna have to wait a bit. what is TRU? i dont have one of those out here in illinois.
  • ahhhhhhhhhh got it.
  • anyone posted this already?

    Its a real nice one.
  • I want that shape with the Snakeskin Graphic. For me that would be the best of both worlds. However I know that will never happen.
  • Oops, sorry I forgot this was for snakeskins ;D. Oh well I just love the McGill
  • I seen one the other day while working that snake skin is rad. I forgot how skin completes the graphic unfortunetly the owner didn't want to sell(can't blame him)...So sign me up
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    here's my old original skull and snake with the darker blue colorwash...

    i'd love a re-issue just to hang and reminisce...

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    New snakeskin.

  • wow thats a bute!
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