• just wanted to say....... im back lets keep this mother f@#$%$r rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Haha, welcome back. I haven't been on much in a while either. Work work work!

    ...Are we allowed to sign twice? :-P
  • dont see why not. =)
  • welcome back Nick! good news for you dude, the McGill is most likely going to happen. the color of it is still in the air. i think everyone wants the pink with the purple snakeskin.
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    Yes we do want PINK & PURPLE! and when are we going to see them? And welcome back Nick, Grab your board and go hit some skate parks and you'll feel great!
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    next catalog we might have them coming out. unless higher powers shut the doors on our hopes and dreams.
  • When is that catalog due out?
  • beginning of winter. the art department still needs to get it approved i just found out.
  • I approve it as well as everybody else in this thread. ; )
  • you, me, and everyone else on this thread is not George though. i feel you guys and dig that graphic big time and would like to see it get released but until i own my own company its not my decision.
  • I hear ya. Hopefully George knows how popular it is and that means sales!
  • Awesome. Hopefully it will be the later kick nose model, not the bottlenose version. The kick nose is better for skating, cant get into the older spoon nose models anymore. I guess Ive been forever ruined for the oldschool sizes and concaves by the awesome k15 concave!!
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    was the kick nose done in the same color way? if anyone has a photo of one post it up.
  • il look for a pic. when i get a chance.. pink and purple would be such a hot seller.. worst case scenero.do a limited run and see how it goes as far as production cost, i cant see how it wouldnt be a gauranted return on investment. i really hope it happens.. be the best news ive had all year =) you guys rock!

    well Jesse.....if its finally going to happen...
    im pre-thanking everyone now for signing the petition. i may have started it.... but im a very small piece of the puzzle. the constant attention and input good bad or otherwise from "EVERYONE" on this site is what made it a possibility to begin with.

    keep it goin guys..... =)
  • just wouldn't seem right to have the bottle nose version unless it's boneite. but that's just me. unlike many, i have fond memories from the boneite years...

    but yeah, since it's going to be 7-ply, make it in the squared off kick nose version in K15. color doesn't matter although the blue was the best.
  • I'm gonna be postive for you Nick and make room on my wall for one. ;)
  • im sure we have one in the archives to look at in the kick nose version if one was made but it may take a while to find it.

    Bonite will not happen again.

    A few of the art guys here check the forum regularly and are very aware the public wants this deck done.
  • yep.. i gotta a spot for already as well. and one to skate..of course.. yeah the kick nose would be great. more skateable.. i like brighter colors myself.. but as long as it gets made..and keeps goin thats cool.
  • I know the idea of the reissues is that they closely replicate the original but I think it would be awesome to make the snakeskin with at least a 6" nose. Measurements bout the same as the Frankie Hill reissue but with the snakeskin kicknose shape.

    Would make it an awesome board to skate as opposed to the original size.
  • if its made it will be the original shape.
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    Now we need a couple of Hawks after this. :D

    I know I know it's about George and Tony hammering out a deal, but an Iron Cross Chicken Skull for the Wall and a Kick Nose Claw to skate would RULE!

    Back on topic, if you make a Snakeskin we WILL buy!
  • i love that yellow Hawk Cross. such a great looking board.
  • still have mine.. i didnt get what i wanted for it..so i kept it. sold my mullen though.. hated to see that go but.. oh well.
    can always get another one. =)
  • i just sold my jason jessee sun god ashes to ashes deck and i hated to see that one go too.
  • damn. thats a nice deck. =(
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