• I hate selling decks. Only fun to buy! : )
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    I would love the bottlenose snakeskin deck. I would adore it in red.

    Hell, the kicknose deck would be spectacular as well. Red of course, with the charcoal colored top!

    Im hoping to see some cross bones wheels too! I think they would go quite well togather.
  • Thanks Keith. Cross Bones are on my list
  • "Im hoping to see some cross bones wheels too! I think they would go quite well together."

    agreed. bring it. =)
  • sent a list on the 1st. i should have cc'd you Nick haha
  • ha ha. yeah its ok.. just c.c me next time. =) thanx jess. lol!
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    just want everyone to know.. if the snakeskin comes out in sept..it will be almost a year to the day..that this thread got started. i dont know what that means..but there u go =)
  • It means time to start a Hawk Chicken Skull Iron Cross one.
  • HaHa!! I'll sign that one first then!!
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    Just to refresh everyone on what we want. I will buy 100 of them. LOL

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    yeah. i know everyone wants the "kicknose" its more skateable.. its true. but i love the bottlenose shape. its my first choice..its classic. either way..im happy. =)
  • Just posting for color not shape. ; )
  • Im with you nick. I probably would prefer bottlenose shape as well. If i wanted a more skateable deck id just take out one of my popsickle stick boards and thrash on it.

    bring on the bottlenose!

    (i have a kicknose mcgill already) :)
  • See There is a BIG difference between a Kicknose with a good shape and width and a Popsicle. Personally I would like the Kicknose with this graphic, I would buy multiples as they are skateable to me. If it's the spoonnose (and I think it will be) then so be it and I will buy 1 to hang on a wall and call it a day.
  • either way im happy..just want it to happen. thats all. =)
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    is this the kicknose?

  • let the historians correct me if im wrong...

    That looks like the spoon nose deck. From what i remember the kick nose models didnt have the snakeskin background, just various transparent colored backgrounds.
  • Oh my bad. I assumed that the spoon nose was simply the stinger shape.
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    i wanna say keithcar is correct.. that does look like the spoon nose..and although not as many made..i do believe the kick nose did have a limited run with snakeskin on it...and that colorway up above is perfect jibbyjub.. thats the one =)^^^^^^
  • Haha glad to contribute. And call me lucian.
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    Just a bump to the top. Not mine but I wish!



  • nice =) !!!!!!!!!!
  • Lets keep it at the top. I want my Pink snakeskin and a reissue is the only way I think I will ever get one.
  • Check out this bad boy. Snakeskin on a Fish Shape,

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