How about a Cab Now Deck?

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Ever since I saw this at the All 80's All Day Event last year I have wanted this deck. You see I LOVE the size, the shape, and the wheelbase of the Cab Stencil I just hate the graphic. Now Cab Rocked this deck with the classic Bats and Dragon graphic at the event, and I was thinking why don't you guys make a version like that. You did a Ray Bones Now deck on a Popsicle with his iconic graphic, the Bats and Dragon is one of Cab's most iconic graphics and it looks KILLER on this shape. So how about it? Can we get this awesome deck with a classic graphic?



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    I could'nt of said it any better!!! Probably one of the most underrated decks put out by Skate1 or any other company in the last couple of years.
  • Come on guys, just make it. You know it's killer and that it would sell.
  • yeah,i'd like one of those for sure.
    the stencil deck has the shape/concave/long nose but i prefer the Bats Dragon look also.
    by the way,Cab was sort of cheating riding that at the 80's event ..Tony was skating his old,wide,short nose,low concave board..sneaky
  • the kneepads are sexy
  • Couple of other guys were cheating too, Grosso was riding his current Black Label deck.
  • I'd like to place my pre-order now, please.

    Thank you. :-)
  • I believe the Cab Stencil deck will eventually be getting a new graphic, so I will pass your requests on. I saw a new graphic that will be out shortly, it looks like a Cab hot rod. Also, the Ripper will be coming out in 2 deck sizes, the big boy like always and a new popsicle shape.
  • Can't really get into Popsicles as my feet are the size of pontoon boats but new shapes always make me happy. Thanks for the update.
  • i hope that new ripper is a 7.5 or a 7.625 or somewhere within the 7 range
  • A 7.75 or 8 would be nice, at least one model narrower than 8"
  • Anything in those ranges are a no go for me. I wear a 14 which means that my foot (just the foot before adding the shoe) is 12" long. My lone Popsicle is an 8.5" Black Label Lucero 12XU Popsicle and it's even too small for me.
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