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How much rake do the K3s and K4s hangers have?

The K3 and K4 have different amounts of rake, beyond their 10mm width difference. The K4 has more than double the rake of the K3, landing at 4mm. Rake is an offset of the axle from the bushing seat / pivot and it increases (or decreases) the leverage you have on the bushings. When the axle is offset above the bushings you have more leverage and the truck steers more easily at the expense of traction and stability. When the axle is offset below the bushings the trucks have a tendency to self center (like a shopping cart wheel) and this makes them inherently more stable. The K3, with less rake, is easier to slide and is very forgiving. The K4, with more rake, is more aggressive in how it steers and due to having more steering it has a feeling of being grippier.
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