Bones Bushings on Indy Lows

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There's some chatter on another forum about Bones bushings not fitting on Indy Stage 10 Lows. Is this correct?



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    They will fit, but I had to sand them down a bit to make them low enough. Kind of sucks though all that sanding!
  • Thanks, noskool. The sanding doesn't ruin their integrity? Also, did you sand the main bushing, or the top one?
  • I sanded the bottom (white side) of each bushing. I used a medium grit to scrape off about 1-2 mm then a fine grit to smooth it. The only thing I noticed it did to the bushing was one I did not sand evenly and one side kind of slanted. It really did not affect the ride though since they were lows. I used a sharpie to draw a line around the next bushing to make sure I sanded even and it worked quite well. I will tell you this was a very cumbersome process to do by hand I had many scraped fingers and sore thumbs from sanding such a small surface.
  • Yeah, I could see where that would be tedious. A few people in another forum recommended taking the bottom washer off the truck so the bushing would fit. One kid said that that is how you're supposed to install Bones bushings anyway. without the bottom washer. Does that sound right?
  • as stated above it is ok to use the bushings with the bottom washer removed. i have used no washers at all and they seem to work ok but washers are fully recommended.
  • yeah I ride without the bottom washer but still use the top. This did not help on the lows however. SOC you guys should make some bones low bushings!
  • I had same issue with doh-dohs on low trucks. That's why mom always said, "skate high kids."
  • i think it is weird to skate without washers
  • an alternative to having the lows not fit our bushing sets is to buy 4 sets and just use the top bushing and then throw the thicker bottom on your longboard set up. just a idea.

    i did pass on your request for low bushings.
  • Thanks, soc.

    What about buying two sets, and using the stock Indy bushings on top, and the small Bones bushings on the bottom?
  • That is a great idea SOC. Thanks!!!
  • i have never tried that but it sounds like it may work. you would probably get a little bit of a slower reaction from your trucks when turning due to the stock Indy bushing being in there but its worth a try.
  • It did not work very well using two Bones tops. The hanger was not in line with the angle on the base where the bottom bushing sits because the top busing is so much lower than the bottom. It gave the truck a strange turing radius (even for lows). I have tried the Bones bottom Indy top, but I use the hard Bones and the Indy bushing is so soft on top it does not work too well for me.
  • dang. i knew something like that may happen. i will pass on that we need low bushings and hopefully they will be made. sorry for what i thought was a good idea. DoH!
  • noskool,

    Are you skating the Haslam Stage 10s? Do you know if the bushings in the Haslam's are harder than Indy's stock, orange bushings? (I know, this is a SkateOne forum, but I'm trying to get this figured out before I buy my new trucks).

  • No prob SOC. It was a good try. I appreciate you thinking of that and passing along the request. Ecoman yeah I have the Haslam 10's. I don't think they are harder than the orange in the regular Indy. This is a sweet truck and if Bones gets some low bushings made I would love them more!
  • talk about what every you want guys. its a public forum and all skateboarding topics are welcome
  • If you need to ride low trucks and still rock the bones bushings (because, yes, they do rule), I recommend trying out Krux downlows. The bushings fit just fine with their kingpin, and the trucks are like Indy's little brother- I mean, they're both NHS brands. Or, how about using Grind King kingpins in the Indy lows?
  • yea krux are sick as shit buut u should go the front page of the site and enter the truck category cause they now sell destructo trucks with bones bushings in them
  • Yeah, I saw that, though it looks like those are mid height trucks, which is a somewhat loose term.
    They are pretty cool looking, I must admit! Indy makes low AND wide trucks, a rare combination of qualities- ie, you can get a low 8" wide hanger. Venture does the same thing, in silver only (no fancy colors). Those Destructos only seem to come in 5.0 (ie 7.75" width).
    Anyway, the point is that there are options out there.
  • barrell bushings.

    and more duros please.
  • your request has been submitted to the correct people. thanks
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