Lance Mountain Crest Petition!

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Hi guys, I lurk here from time to time hoping for news that Powell is going to reissue the Lance Mountain Crest/Street deck. Time wise it was at the golden age of my skateboarding (88/89?). When I was a kid I only got a new board for x-mas or b-day and by the time the next one rolled around these things were long gone! Seems like they were only produced for a limited run or something? Anyways, does anybody else think it would be sweet if they reissued it?!

Side note: I agree with what others have said about it being a different riding experience without a kick nose. For some reason when I ride my Vallely reissue my whole center of gravity shifts back a little bit and everything feels more stable. Although, I do feel like my front foot could slip off at any moment. Just adds to the experience!



  • I'd love a reissue of the crest. I bought a silver one back when it first came out, had it for a few weeks before it was stolen. Went to the lame swatch impact tour in Miami, they made us check our boards at a make shift kiosk that was right next to an emergency exit. I didn't want to do it and was willing to leave and sirens I the day skating around town, but my buddies talked me into going in. Sure enough after the show we went back to get our boards and a bunch were new silver crest being one of them. Island water sports was a sponser and they gave us a voucher for a replacement board. A few months ago I finally got my hands on a mint silver crest. Cost quite a bit, but I finally replaced one of my favorite decks.
  • Yes! The one kid in my town that got one was silver. Not sure I remember them being made in any other color. White maybe? Thinking back, it might've been a one run and done. The Crest and Vallely came out right at that time when shapes were starting to evolve away from fishtails but before full on kick nose. Perfect! Anybody else think the Crest would be a cool reissue? Come on people!
  • Ok - I stand corrected. A quick google image search turned up silver, white, black, blue, red, yellow, green. Still not sure how I missed out on getting one of these back then. I guess the silver one was the only one I ever actually saw in person

  • bumpity...
  • Yes, I want one in the worst way... mine was pink ... so, add pink to your list. I scour Ebay almost daily looking for one I can snag at a reasonable price... no luck so far :-)
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    The issue with the crest is that there are still heaps floating around, not in the same numbers as the Hill or Siaz, however still plenty .. especially if you know the old dist.

    sect, whats a reasonable price?
  • Would love to see the Crest - I had a pink as well but I'd love to see a silver one 
  • I would also like to see a Silver reissue. It's one that looks great in a lot of colors. The Blue, Pink and Red are awesome. Neon Green! I'd take one in about any color. Just not fond of the Yellow.
  • Count me in 
  • Just to be a pill, I will now attempt to hijack this thread into a " reissue the doughboy FP deck."
  • Sweeeeeeeet.... I knew I couldn't be the only one that liked that deck. As far as 'heaps' of originals, I haven't found that to be true but admittedly am not very interweb connected. Also, I could never bring myself to destroy an original. At jlbmde's house, originals go on the wall and reissue's get skated ;-) Happy Friday Everybody!!
  • lol casta.. seems you are channeling some of the other pros that frequent this forum with that one
  • @ Dr freedom  where are you seeing the heaps of Crests floating around? What is the old dist? What price are they going for?

  • The only old dist site I know of seems to be gone, and all the crest decks I see are 500+.
  • @Chris ; yeah, that's about what I see, only a couple for sale over the past few months and they are at least $400. I wish I could afford those, but can't, so hoping for a reissue!
  • Thought this thread could use some pix!
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  • That silver looks sweet!
  • I've always loved that crest in black.
  • I had the blue dipped one way back when. I remember not liking the shape of that deck too much.
    And that silver one looks great.
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    What all colorways were released for the Crest? White, Black, Blue, Silver, Pink, Green, Yellow, Red....what else?

  • Im the same myren
    Its nice to hold every colour in your hands, its not that great a shape or deck to ride overall
    The graphic though, I love it.
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