Street plant barnyard orange limited 100



  • When this brand was first announced it mentioned it would be- "streetplant, new & fresh"

    Reality check of the original propoganda- "Street Plant Barnyard Reissue board matches the exact dimensions of the original from World Industries"

  • Dibs on ptown getting #100 ;-)
  • I hope will see probably not this time
  • Well not 100 this time 44
  • Lol, letting the side down ptown. It's either 1 or 100
  • Wake guess what got 100 in the blue mammoth
  • Wasn't his biggest complaint about going back ti powell peralta that they were only interested in selling nostalgia and he didn't want to be part of that?
  • Lol. Here it is. ..

    “There is no Powell-Peralta — Not really. It’s just a brand name that’s been strategically positioned to capitalize on a film – to capitalize on nostalgia. There’s no substance there. There is no here and now. There is no soul. It’s all a fucking sham. I found out for myself.”

    In other words, "I don't like that they are just cashing in on nostalgia, so I'm going to take that idea and present it as my own when I reissue MY old boards and cash in on MY nostalgia."
  • There's a lol for @ptown, and a super high five lol for @Chris!
  • Mike V is the man behind him 100% since 1988
  • Lol @ptown, you can only guess the imagery that your post has helped my mind create!
  • Don't suprise me the way school kids think lol
  • Chris im not 110% sure this is real, however there was something posted about him wanting to be a team manager or brand manager or something way out of his realm of understanding, hence they didnt come to terms.
    As I said im not sure that is correct, however if it is then I too would have laughed & shown him the door.
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    it is true he wanted to be the team manager and take someone else's job but they said nope
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    His name & the title 'manager' simply dont go together
  • pp would be in a grave for sure
  • Maybe "malingerer", definitely not "manager"
  • lol thats a good one :)

    I wonder how many people will now google malingerer lol
  • That makes his exit even worse, on his end. So he comes back into the fold, wants to be a team manager, they decline. He then makes up the excuse that he didn't want to be part of selling nostalgia....then goes and creates two brands that specifically sell nostalgia.
  • Lol Dr and Chris, I think he needs a session with HR Pam Poovey and her F#%KING dolphin!
  • Exactly @chris exactly
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    #1 .. From someone I follow on the insta
    photo Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-41-392_zps2tcg5k3g.jpg
  • I got 100 of that one
  • Looks great in that color blue. Sharp.
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