Ebay find...

NOS Mullen, still in the shrink


Wishing for an affordable re-issue...

Anyone know the reason why guys like Mullen and Hawk won't authorize re-issues?

Maybe they think it will put a dent in sales of their current boards, although I think the people buying the current boards are less interested in the vintage shapes.


  • Another cool deck


    Never seen that McGill before...
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    yeah that mcgill is called the "stinger" AND YES GOOD QUESTION:i dont know the reason why they wouldnt...could be ego, wanting to forget the past, mad at george powell for some unknown reason, they want 58 dollars out of the 65 the board will sell for.. etc.. its really a good question id personaly like an answer to from each rider so i can understand it. its retarded. if its ego.. get over yourself.. if your mad at george get over it, this isnt about george this is about your loyal fans that want to buy something with "your name" on it . if its about money im sure a fair deal would be worked out, maybee your just greedy....stupid..again. these are my opinions because i have "NO" facts as to why but i would really like one of these guys to speak out and give us a reason because half of these guys skate carreer is over so whats the deal??
  • Well said Nick! Yes people, think of your fans, where still here believe it or not!
  • Wow, that Mullen is incredible. Just like the one I have, but with the winged Ripper top, and not thrashed. :-/

    Now we wait to see what the final price will be...
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