Shoulder probs

This mightn't be the right place for this question but I figured there would be older skaters with the same problem. I have one of those shoulders that pops out a fair bit, which is starting to affect how hard I sk8 (after 25 yrs sk8ing i'm not gonna stop now).I've got mates who have had surgery but it doesn't seem to work, they regret the operation.Has anyone come across a shoulder strap that works?


  • Instead of bracing it, you should go to a rehab center and let them give you the exercises needed to PROPERLY strengthen the shoulder. Strengthening the muscles in the shoulder will help you recover 100% of your tendon and ligament problems. I did it with my shoulder and my elbow, both of which I have broken, and dislocated many times in the past. After seeing a few doctors who wanted to perform surgery, one of them recommended rehab. A few weeks after rehab, I was already feeling the positive effects and no more dislocations.
  • I've done the rehab, been to physio and i work as furniture removalist my shoulders are strong but i'll take your advice and find another physio therapist thanks Chris
  • It worked for my elbow. It used to pop out just by putting pressure on my arm when it was straight, like if doing pushups. I finally found a doctor who didn't want to perform surgery on it and recommended rehab, after a few weeks it was back to normal and doesn't pop out any more.

    Of course that will only help if it is a stretched ligament issue, if it's torn cartilage then getting it scoped might be the way to go. I had my knee scoped a number of years ago and it worked wonders.
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