Bones Bushings

I got a simple question bout Bones bushings. I got some for my trucks the other day, the first time Ive ever used Bones bushings. Do most people follow the instructions and leave out the bottom washer?? Does that effect performance at all ?? I havent used bushings without one of the washers before and thought it seemed abit strange....


  • I leave out the bottom washer. It does not effect the performance of the truck. I found that leaving the washer in made the truck sit higher than it should. The hard ring on the bushing acts as the washer, so adding the washer makes the height wrong. I have a buddy who leaves the top and bottom washer off and he rips.
  • yea u pretty much have to leave the washer out cause u cant have them both on cause u wont be able to put ur nut on but some companies make trucks without bottom washers and it doesnt really effect anything
  • everyone here uses them with out washers. you can try them both ways and see what suits your fancy. have fun!
  • i use the washers but i'm superstitious, don't ask. as tom waits once said "that's just me, and i have to live with me...".

    after some trial and error soft bushings and washers do it for me on indy 149's.
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