• Does that look like a double kick board to you?
  • Pretty much is... Propaganda era
  • Yeh it's a double kick for sure.
  • Looks to same shape as the OG to me
  • Good God, how is that Grosso Toybox still in stock?! It's been available for pre-order for several months now. Should have been sold out within the first month. What, no love for JG? Shameful =(
  • That sounds like it could be a Grosso rant episode of love letters!
  • This is hitting me hard.. Love you so much. RIP
  • I see on alot of the reissues K3B concave.. this isnt listed on the deck specs page? Does anyone know what this is? Or what the concave drop is? Preferably for the Barbee Hydrant?
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