bones SPF clear naturals

Need to be RE-continued. Best smooth 'crete wheel ever! I know Bones made a big deal explaining how there was no difference in duro because color is just added later, but I swear the difference is not only evident, but beneficial. They gripped better, and I swear feel faster. Plus they looked rad! I've ridden the spfs in various versions for years, but these were my favorite, and my stash is running low... Can't believe they stopped making them, bring em back, PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE !!! (not just my imagination, we were up in steelton last summer, super hot day, and my buddy said how come your wheels aren't hot? I never noticed such a thing before, but he was right, his (white) wheels were warm to the touch, along with my other friend's - while mine just felt normal). bring em back PUH_LEEEZE !!!! B)


  • been a long ass time since u posted welcome back my fellow marylander
  • B'more represent!
  • lol thanks amigos - good to be back! :)
  • Out of the two pool setups I have, one with red 56mm SPF clears + Ron's bearings and one with 58mm 81b SPF's + Swiss Super 6 bearings, the one with the smaller SPF clears is noticeably faster. I've never been sure what to attribute this to, but I'm curious to know if anyone else feels similarly about the clears being exceptionally fast, especially the clear ones.
  • @SkaterRick , yeah,man, I'm right there with you, dude. I've always ridden the spfs, and swear the clears feel not only faster, but have more of rebound feel & natural grip as well... I used to ride the old pf bowl bombers too, & remember them feeling different from the bones spfs even though I was told they were the same formula, just marketed differently. Obviously some of it had to do with size & shape as well - but still - I'm anal when it comes to these matters. The old ditch tech formula was definitely nowhere near as nice as the later dtf wheels, why they were discontinued is beyond me, the last batch was rad. I've had the spf clears in 54mm, 58mm & 60mm, and all were fast as f#$% - and also more noticeably forgiving on less than smooth concrete. Please, please, please PP, bring em back!!! Pretty please!! ;)
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    Easy solution....Rollerbones clears in clear or red, 101-103a, and good sizes. $110 USD for 8 wheels! That’s not too bad!
  • SPF Clears - Pink Helmet Posse shows them as still in stock.
  • Or Amazon or eBay....
  • They can still be found if you look a bit. I have two sets; the 56mm red ones on my current setup and a fresh set of 54mm naturals. I was debating grabbing another set or two to keep stashed, but I haven't noticed any wear on the red ones that I've been riding a lot for the last couple of years. Maybe I simply don't skate as much as most people, but at the rate I'm going these might last me into the nursing home.

    @captaind you're right about them seeming grippier on the smooth concrete. Am I hallucinating, or do I remember seeing blank clears being advertised on the site at one point?
  • And my trip to the skatepark this morning reaffirmed what I thought - the clears are faster, though I'm admittedly not comparing like durometers. Bearings and size are close, but I've got a another set of white 84b SPF's that I'm going to load up and try.
  • Last batch I got was from shop I found on ebay, went thru him direct. My last few searches were no bueno, but you guys are right, looks like there's still some circulating out there - I'm gonna hold off on sending 590 euros to denmark though, at least for the time being, lol. @SkaterRick definitely not your imagination (or hallucinations lol) - they're faster, grippier, no chalky/plastic-y feel, and they last too... In fact, they feel great right out of the gate, but don't wear noticeably different - you know how some wheels feel just shot after a few weeks/break in period?? Not these babies!
  • I put the 56mm's I've been riding up against the 54mm set I have barely ridden, and it looks like in two years of skating most weekends they're down 54-55mm. The only other SPF wheels I've been skating have been larger 81b wheels. These also seem to be holding up really well don't have quite the grip.
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    I just ordered a set of the natural untinted clear T Bones in 60mm! The Aussie shop I ordered from still has 1 set after my purchase
  • Oh man, I forgot about the clear T Bones. I did snag a set of 60mm clears the other day and stashed them. It's tempting to get more to hoard.
  • couldnt hurt
  • Didn’t they do clear Staab’s too?
  • They were on the “Specials” page for a long time. Wasn’t there also a Cab clear in red?
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    yep with the chinese dragon it was his first bones wheel graphic when he got back on the team
  • Cab never left the bones team if you think about it...the bones wheels team just wised up and realized they could be making a lot of money with him on the “team”
  • Didn't Cab ride for Autobahn wheels for some time?
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