why does powell peralta only stick with old school stuff

its 2019 now


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    Artists and musicians must continue in the style they became famous with.

    If Elvis started doing folk, or Van Gogh changed his painting style, their followers would leave.
    Also many people including say holy men have to leave their home towns, as others will always perceive them as they once were.
    Its possible to change slowly and let your audience/market adapt to your new thing, but if you want to keep your following, it has to suit them too.

    I reckon kittens would be a big seller, lots of fluffy white kitten graphics, cool.
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    Last time I checked flight decks, Andy Anderson, Killian Martin, brad McClain are all new, young, and fresh....
  • Yeah, it is 2019 and nostalgia is selling. Like @ovaldragon said: there are plenty of contemporary products in their line. I’m stoked on the mix personally. Just like the other thread that was like this- if you’re not then ride something else.
  • they have been stuck in the 80s for a long time but they are making progress doing ads for the new gen and making new deck innovations etc but also the old school shaped decks is what made them famous so they cant really stop making them since it is what made them famous in the first place
  • Also, there is demand for it. There's no reason for them to leave money on the table. And they do far more than just the old stuff.
  • Elvis did rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, rnb, country, and gospel. He did evolve....but didn’t forget his roots!
  • I try to not forget my roots, sometimes I'll even buy them stuff.
  • Let's also please remember that Van Gogh died unknown and in poverty.
  • yeah bad example sorry, but my point regarding changing ones style is still valid
  • Van Gogh wasn't running a business.
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