Bucky Lasek returning to PP?

Maybe I missed something but is Bucky returning to Powell Peralta? He posted a pic of his new shape on Instagram and it appears that way, the deck shows SOC on the top.


  • This is the first I’m hearing about it.....
  • very interesting
  • Maybe reissuing one of his old boards?
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    that is always a possibility but they definitely always mark their boards like that when they are doing a new shape for someone to test out because i got one marked like that myself
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    Post said “NEW shape is looking good”...
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    mm hmm weird for it to be marked with soc though and it is marked k21 which is the concave for boards for 15 inch wheelbases and the nose and tail are same size and here is a closeup

    and also to make this more interesting here is mine and the k8 of course is for k8 concave :

  • Bucky liked my “back to Powell” comment.
  • Assuming it's true, what a hell of a tease.

    I feel like PP is figuring it out after years of trying. Staying a nostalgia brand isn't sustainable, trying to recreate the position they held in the 80s isn't realistic in today's market. So finding that balance is the right way to go. Bones wheels and bearings have been a top company since their heyday. But they need team riders to help market the overall brand. Otherwise they will he just that, a bearing and wheel company.

    Having a mix of "older" talent keeping the old spirit alive AND having a team of young, stand out talent keeps the brand fresh. Guys like Martin, McClain, Anderson, Blair, and so on keep it fresh and new. Cab, McGill, and Hill connect to the legacy, and a guy like Lasek, who is still competing, bridges the gap. Legends, veterans, pros, and up and comers is the best way to stay relevant while keeping your roots. In a perfect world, Lance would come home as well.
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    yep and green issue already offers that shape because that is the shape of bucky's current pro boards and i asked him if it was for a powell board and he also liked my comment and someone else asked him if it was a soc board as in skate one and he liked it so that makes that official and it looks like everyone who has asked even former powell riders confirm it so mystery solved
  • Wow, rad! I keep hoping Lance comes back too but I doubt it’ll happen
  • never say never
  • Have this beauty and the stadium. I wonder if he had other models apart from the Beastie Boys cover and the Bucky’s secret ones
  • Sucks for Green though.
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    @Chris I agree but things like 'if it aint broken dont fix it', and stooping to mix with all the other animals might not always be ideal, but I agree with your sentiment.

    AA's been getting a lot of flak as he is quite different from others and it usually provokes an atavistic reaction in that people attack when they dont understand something, or that which is too new.

  • yea quite a few ppl talking shit about him on the slap forum but they hate just about anybody unless u got something to do with deluxe lol
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    Um hum
    Hes been hanging out with youtubers like braille too, which is bound to come back on you from the 'core'.
    He probably did too many youtubes too quickly too.
    Like saying too, too much.
    He could learn a lesson from you Bill,, on saying less and over-exposure.
    Someone could mention.

    Especially someone so different like AA... less in more... cough.
    I usually do fine in real life until I open my mouth
    too much

    Too much light blinds the eye,

    Too much sound deafens the ear,

    Too much spice blunts the taste,

    Too much excitement maddens the mind,

    Too much desire compromises the character.

    That is why the sage puts his inner needs first,

    By moderating the external distractions of the senses.

  • When the world is governed in accordance with Tao,

    Spiritual influences no longer find any purchase.

    It’s not that spiritualism loses any power,

    Only that it no longer has any effect on the people.

    Thus, just as sages do,

    The unseen ends up leaving people alone.

    When the unseen and the sages leave people alone,

    Order is welcomed into the world.

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    Good point, the exhibitionism and fame-seeking encouraged by YouTube is very anti-Taoist.
  • So the heron would never have appeared if I was following the Tao
  • It would have appeared as nothing more nor less than any other of the 10,000 things that are actually 1 thing.
  • @brigade_bill what year is that Powell board you have? I really dig that design. Though I could do with out the boarder and just leave the logo.
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    2000 it is a powell team rider only deck there was also a orange and black colorway and a purple and blue colorway but that board evolved into this one for the public which also has a yellow and blue colorway but before those these ones came out in 99

  • Evolved Biebs?
  • oops fixed
  • It would be cool to see Powell redo some of those with the larger logo.
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