Please Reissue More Wheels!

We need some 97a Crossbones!

I would also love some 97a OG Rat Bones!


  • street styles i think would be good too
  • 42mm wheels for the tech trick generation, plus extra lightweight 205mm 44mm high trucks, products that excell in the street league format
  • Freestyles v2.0 and crossbones v1.0 please... in original 97a formulas!! Until then I’ll stick with oj thane
  • We've been saying this for over 10 years. No one is listening.
  • I would be happy if they would just make more colors of Rat Bones so I can mash them. The current colors don't jive together. O.G. Freestyles would be nice though and the old Bones Hardcores with the red dot formula.
  • edited July 9
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