Please Reissue More Wheels!

We need some 97a Crossbones!

I would also love some 97a OG Rat Bones!


  • street styles i think would be good too
  • 42mm wheels for the tech trick generation, plus extra lightweight 205mm 44mm high trucks, products that excell in the street league format
  • Freestyles v2.0 and crossbones v1.0 please... in original 97a formulas!! Until then I’ll stick with oj thane
  • We've been saying this for over 10 years. No one is listening.
  • I would be happy if they would just make more colors of Rat Bones so I can mash them. The current colors don't jive together. O.G. Freestyles would be nice though and the old Bones Hardcores with the red dot formula.
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  • NHS keeps rolling out new slimeballs and shit. If SK1 won’t give us crossbones (see earlier threads that @cwalker3 alluded to), I wish they would at least make ratbones in more colors and other duros like 97a. I skate NOS PP two rats (which are similar in size and shape to ratbones) in 97a and they are so good on reissue decks for skating pools.
  • Cool thing about the slimeballs too is that they release smaller sizes in the original shape and formula. I have some 56mm and love em
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    Yeah, from a reissue perspective, I think those (lame) pizza Rat Bones are the first new color we've seen in 10 years. They've actually taken colors and wheels (Street Rats for one) away. So it's going the opposite direction, if anything.

    Meanwhile, people on eBay are spending $50+ per SINGLE wheel for Cross Bones...
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    Bones DTF would be nice.

    Also, are Bombers officially discontinued, ooorrr? PP.Com has them in stock but I swear I saw another site that said they were discontinued.

    As a side note gripe... what's with softer wheels disappearing lately? Spitfire Soft D'S, the Mini Logo 90a appear to be discontinued or about to be, DTFs, and there are more. There's no love for softer (harder than 78a) wheels anymore or what? Cause honestly, 99a, 83b, 101a, are SHIT for real street skating. Roll 10 feet then come to a complete stop. Pebbles hurl you off your board. STF are park wheels, not street wheels despite the name. Not tearing ass through your neighbourhood like a boss street wheels. They're shit on pavement.

    Let's see some 87 to 95a wheels again besides rough riders and rat bones. Nothing against rat bones, I ride them on my Lance Mountain FP, but we need something for smaller decks. Dooooo it please!
  • DTF's had zero slideabiity. I don't think you'll ever see them again.
  • I have spent more money trying out wheels than anything, and agree that for "real" street skating on the rough stuff there's nothing like the softer wheels. They're so smooth and fast after rattling and bogging down with harder wheels, but you're not going to get slideability from those wheels (unless I'm just not trying hard enough). The Easy Streets in 99a are intriguing because I like my Spitfires in that duro and generally take that setup with me if I'm going to a parking deck or some place other than the park where I only take STF's or SPF's.
  • My 85a Bombers can slide, but would be better cored. My 90a oval dragons reluctantly slid and gouged out huge chunks. My 97a G bones slide and ride well but are big and heavy. 97a in a 60mm A cut would be rad!
  • Please don't cancel Bombers b/c Slime Balls and Ricta Clouds are not good enough-- I need more Bombers and in swirled hilighter colors-- Rat Bones and Bombers. That formula is great! Don't be stingy now.
  • @WakeInFright have you ever tried Rough Riders (85a) which are cored? And if so, how do you feel they fare against the bombers? I believe the RRs are a wider wheel?
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    they already said a long time ago that most bombers got discontinued
  • Do you know why? Just not a popular enough durometer?
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  • Bombers with a simple core like the PP clear cruiser wheels would be awesome. I love the 85a formula, but I’ve destroyed a lot of bearings since it’s core less.
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    I have a set of RR’s, but they are definitely not for sliding...SkateOne said that, and I think Tex( @cwalker3 ) proved it too! And they are actually 80a!
  • Hmmm.. so, not that different from the 78a wheels I currently have. Still on the hunt for a good happy medium. Thinking some Ricta 86a clouds might be in order.
  • Rough Riders will literally disintegrate if you slide them on something other than dirt.

    G-Slides are supposed to be the sliceable equivalent. Never tried them though.
  • I’ve got a set of the 59mm G-Slides and they slide and the core/hub that George created for them makes them haul ass! Fastest “soft” wheel I have ever skated.
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