Good wheels for rough streets

I'm hoping you guys can help me out with some advice.

I have two reissue setups with Rat Bones which are super awesome to cruise and whatnot. I bought a popsicle deck and some Indys yesterday and I'm looking for a smaller (52-56, preferably 54mm) wheel that'll be softer and good for the occasional flip trick but also soft enough for riding around. I mostly skate street and the one park I do go to (45 minutes away) is paved with rough asphalt.

I've read that Ricta Clouds 92a are a good "all around" wheel. Spitfire Super Ds sound decent too. Unfortunately both are extremely hard to come by for me unless I wanna spend upwards of $80 online.

So I'm looking for some advice here from you wise folks. Can you recommend one of these wheels or something similar? Or should I just get a set of Bones STF and suck it up?


  • maybe u could try the minilogo 90a hybrids
  • Damn!! $35 a set and I can get them in neon green... Totally sold! Thanks Bill! :)
  • Mini logo decks are killer! I can't believe I didn't think of that.
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    no prob bud ill be making neon green wheels down the line for my wheel company as well
  • Awesome! And you'll let us know when you do? :)
  • Oh, what's the difference between A cut and C cut? Besides the shape.
  • yea and that is all just the shape

  • This is how you should make your wheels Biebs!
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    yea id love to we will see what the future holds
  • I’d get the Oval Dragon 56mm 90a wheels. The mini logo hybrids feel cheap and soft, my son had a’s not the same 90a formula that the powell peralta wheels use
  • they suppose to be soft lol
  • I ripped a chunk out of a set of 90a oval dragons doing a boardslide. Kam was nice enough to replace the set. Excellent customer service!
  • u can say that again
  • I haven't tried the Oval Dragon wheels but I recently got the Mini Logo 90a's in 55mm and I really like them. I'd be curious to hear how/if they're different than the Oval Dragons. They're smooth riding, and I still do some tricks. If I'm getting aggressive and landing hard I think I might feel a little bit of deformation, but for the rid and the extra speed on the craggy asphalt I think it's a more than worthy trade-off.
  • So it turns out Oval Dragon wheels and most of the Mini Logo 90a wheels have been discontinued. They seem to only have a few sizes left and only A cut, no C cut.

    Finding wheels is turning out to be more difficult than I would have expected.
  • they arent discontinued they are out of stock but i did find these for u
  • has oval dragon wheels in stock too!
  • Awesome, thanks guys!

    I think I'll try Tactics. Skateone shipping to Canada is $37. Tactics is about $10. Though who knows what duty fees might be on top of that.

    Any Canadians here ever order from Tactics?
  • it's even worse from us to australia
  • After 30 days of riding the Oval Dragons (56 mm 90a) I absolutely love them. Great bounce, incredibly smooth ride, and quiet. Perfect wheel for me. That's coming from 60mm 97a Slimeballs.
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    used to think 70-72mm 78A and lower was best on rough streets, then switched to Bombers b/c these were so heavy and clunky.
  • bones 99a easy streets V5 54mm
  • look who's back lol
  • Go check out my write-up on the forthcoming Ditch Tech wheels in the Easy streets 99a thread. They're not cruisers, but they're a really good all-around wheel that won't make you hate rolling.
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