free slurpee day today!

go get 'em! u worked hard for it!


  • Highly processed sugar and/or corn syrup is bad for me
  • @WakeInFright nah, just do it...
  • Seriously @myren , I have cut that shit out, and reduced my carb intake. I still get natural sugars like fructose from fruit, and lactose from cheese for example. But even with my beer I now only drink the low carb varieties and my waistline is for the better. And I bet my blood sugar levels have improved too( my father was from a family of 8 children, and at least 6 developed type 2 diabetes).
  • It's not about you Debbie downer! Enjoy a fkn slurpee boys, it's free!!
  • I can get free pizza and free beer at least 3 times a week. But no I say.
    I wake in fright
    in the middle of the night
    if I eat cheese now

    I'll only slurp if there is a picture of Bony Cawk on the cup.
  • Don’t feel like dealing with all the ghetto kids and adults for freebies
  • lol if u have a 711 rewards card u can get another one today
  • Load up!!!
  • Poo you @Bonely. I just said I won’t, and why I won’t. Everyone else who hasn’t got blood sugar issues can go hard imo.
  • I agree with @WakeInFright ! I too have reduced my sugar and carbs and have lost 15lbs over the past year. I definitely feel better. Started at 210 and I’m down to 195! High fructose corn syrup should be illegal....
  • Chinese say cold food and ice drink make dragon tummy cold and put out fire of digestion, make people weak minded and not good in bed
  • The Chinese word for sugar is "tang."
  • Sugar is also a very yin food, and anyone with a big tummy has an excess of yin. I have been on a partial fried potato diet with lots of black salt, which is very yang. I'm ready to change again as the advanced glycation end products produced by frying is excessive, though it did remove all the excess moisture out of my body quite well, and increased energy for a short while too
  • The point is @WakeInFright .... nobody cares! BB made it about slurpee's, you made it about you. Slurpee's > you.
  • ^^^^^^ yep so how dare u!
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    Well obviously some do @Bonely , because they are in a similar situation. At the end of the day we a free to speak our mind, and conversation can go in many directions, not necessarily being about me, or you, or whomever, but ideas and experience. Last time I checked this forum was a free place! Shame Biebs! Lol
  • It is ironic that black salt is yang.
  • 'iron'ic?
  • My kids love Slurpees!

    Is sugar yin or yang? Would it be yintang, or yangtang? I know there is an Indonesian beer called Bintang!
  • Poontang?
  • LOL @WakeInFright you take yourself way to seriously.
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