Agility fragility index

Any cures for the slams get harder with age thing
I want to have better rebound and tear strength


  • yeah got my gran doing yoga and now she can ollie the walker
  • Pretty good way of putting it. I have never been too terribly out of shape but it wasn't until I started skating again a couple of years ago that I realized how relatively out of shape I was. The difference between the young me and the current me was NEVER made more stark to me than when I skated. To push that intersection of agility and fragility he's describing I've started eating better, going to the gym, and drinking a lot less; all so that i can hopefully skate better and feel ok after doing it. I'll be 40 in a couple of months and want to have as many good years of it as I can.
  • I'm 57 and abused my body eg got 60lbs overweight, so I'm still back peddling right now.
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