Skate Rituals

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Anyone else got some rituals they skate with?
Currently I....

1. Carry candles in my pocket (Helps with waxing)
2. Use a shoelace belts (not restricting like a normal belt. Good luck explaining that in the bedroom.)
3. Use another shoelace to put bearings around it. ( Helps when you lose one.)
4. Duct tape my shoes. ( Helps with ollie burns.)
5. Leave new wheels in the freezer for 1-2 weeks. (Helps harden them/makes them last longer.)
What y'all do?


  • white truck mount bolt for front truck top left corner
    I look closely or measure wheels with caliper before a days skating to measure durability of formulas for future reference, and rotate wheels at least every 2 weeks
    stretch after a warm up
    no sex before a session
  • Definitely warm up and stretch. Also try and clear the area of offensive obstructions like today when I was sweeping all the tree nuts/seeds from the park as they are the perfect skate stop under your hard wheels!
  • carry a backpack with helmet, wax, extra pair of shoes, shemagh scarf, work gloves, bandaids and diabetic meds. stretch ankles and legs before doing much.
  • @Wheelbyte "no sex before a session"
    Ishod lost his virginity the night he won PHX AM
    so after is ok though right?
  • @McRad
    Are you a type 1? I am and always have glucose tabs with me.
  • @sandbagtrophy I was being facetious,,
    I never have sex anymore cause I'm old and ugly
    But check out the no fap movement for the low down on sexual depletion
  • @ovaldragon yep T1. so far I haven't had a low while out skating but always have to be prepared.
  • @McRad
    I’ve been on a pump for the last 15 years and actually broke 2 pumps due to skating. About a year ago I switched back to the pen. Instantly lost 10lbs. Changed my diet and lost 10 more. Being off the pump is fantastic!
  • I have a friend who is on the pen. Most of my father’s side is type 2 so I am watching diet these days!
  • plant based and grog/caffeine free is the answer!
  • Why does caffeine affect blood sugar levels?
  • probably because it is an upper
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    adrenals get stimulated - cortisol released - blood sugar dysregulation

    onions and garlic prolly cause blood sugar dysregulation too
    as they affect mood expression re italians and french
    actually anyone with mental health issues should avoid them

    elite ruling class indians and chinese dont use onions and garlic
    at all
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