anyone here built their own mini ramp?

with cold weather coming and no indoor parks nearby, I'm trawling all the ramp plans sites and videos to see what it would take to build one in the basement. Curious if anyone here has done it.


  • We used to build quarter pipes and bank ramps in basements. Two feet tall was the usual height due to low ceilings.
    Had a mini ramp in my barn later on.
    If you live where it snows. Then easy access to indoor skating improves ones quality of life!
  • In Auckland second hand ramps sell way cheaper than new. Some are free. Need a truck and hoist or knock it down and rebuild
  • i built my own in 2000 u can build a good 3 foot miniramp here in the u.s. for about 3-400 bucks and a 4 foot one will cost u bout 4-600 bucks of course no idea how much wood costs over there but just make sure u shop around they are pretty easy to build i help do builds at my local skatepark every now and then
  • think I have room for a long 2 footer or a bank ramp. framing looks pretty easy but i may need to buy a couple power tools. anyone use L Bar instead of a round pipe for coping?
  • ive skated qps with the flat iron it is horrible and really easy for u to fuck urself up so stay to the traditional round coping
  • I did a 2 ft by 4 ft quarter using the plans at a site called diyskate. It is very solid and probably ran over $300 for materials, but I do wish I had made it wider. It was my first time so it took me a few separate sessions to get it done
  • Good info guys. More? planning on doing 8ft wide, 2ft high 2 sheets of ply with Masonite over the top
  • Sounds like fun. Don’t forget the coping and enough deck for lip tricks.
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    masonite will be the most expensive part of it and does not do very well when it is wet as it will fall apart since it is a very thin material
  • I have a 3.5 mini in my back yard. only 8ft wide, 25ft long or so (includes decks), but it was fairly easy to set up. Did 95% of it by myself. I'm using skate paint from OC ramps on the top layer of plywood and it works great. Much better than slippery ass masonite and protects the wood from the elements. I'm in AZ so rain isn't a huge issue but I do cover it. Had it for a couple years now and it's holding up really nicely.
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    Back in the day I had a 2’ high by 6’ wide. At that time my parents bought a business and knocked the old building down to rebuild, so there was a lot of signage left over. So the transition was ply with a metal sheet over the top. Made it super fast and suicidal if it was wet! It also eliminated that little bump between the ground and ramp!
  • love sheet metal miniramps
  • we dont have them here at all,
    how are sheet metal ramps good?
  • I hate metal ramps lol. Sharp, slippery, and hot in the summer
  • you could file the sharp bits quickly and wheel slides on slidey mini ramp are fun? just use the right formula? so are they faster than masonite?
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    Since the sheet metal was a finished sign it didn’t have sharp edges, and had rounded corners, and was pre-painted on both sides to prevent rust(one side with advert, the other with like a white/grey coat). It is faster than Masonite because Masonite has more give and can damage from impacts. Sheet metal requires quite an impact to damage. I imagine old signs could be sourced from demolition places but most would go straight to recycling or metal purchasers!
    Kind of like this.....
  • @Bonely I imagine the AZ sun would destroy any uncovered wood pretty quickly, skatepaint or no skatepaint, right? I'm wondering if that's worse than the sun + extreme humidity that we have in the southeast.
  • because they are fast and insanely smooth and yes they do indeed suck in the hot summer sun but i have been thankful to skate them at indoor parks
  • @SkaterRick you got it man, the heat would kill it after a couple summers uncovered. I think humidity or not, covering it will certainly prolong the life of it. The skate paint definitely helps protect it and is worth the $100 or so for the gallon.
  • if it is gonna be wood make sure it is also weather proofed
  • as long as it doesnt rain in my basement
  • @McRad Don't taunt the gods. It can happen.
  • @SkaterRick started “raining” (old copper drain pipe finally gave up) in my kitchen last year and I’m still remodeling.

    Re: mini-ramps, I got the Thrasher book “How to build skateboard ramps” and hope to put it to good use soon.
  • u dont really need ramp plans per'se u just need to make 2 qps and 3 funboxes but only 2 with coping it is actually really fast and easy
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