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    Are you excited about my instructional skate video?

    Title: How To Leave A Skid Mark!
    Parts: Fourteen Or Seven
    Part One: How To Kick Turn Frontside And Backside
    Release Year: Twenty Twenty
    Promo Video: To Be Determined
    Promo Art: Coming Soon!
    Format: Videotape Cassette Format, Laser Disc Format
    Price: Priceless
  • Speaking of Twenty Twenty, Gonz was on Vision, Blind, Krooked....if he doesn’t release 20-20 as a brand next year he is crazy in the coconut!
  • @WakeInFright Nice! In Soviet USA, Santa asks YOU for presents!
  • @ThePartyFarter Where were you 3 weeks ago when I was learning backside kickturns!?!? No matter, I’ll hit you up in 2020 when I start working on the frontside kickturn....
  • @dofrenzy
    You can PayPal me $350 and I’ll give you an advance copy of Part One. Just let me know if you prefer Laser Disc or Videotape Cassette Format.
  • Merry Christmas to all the forum members and your families, and may you have a healthy and prosperous 2020!
  • Thanks @WakeInFright , same to you and to everyone here, happy holidays!!!!
  • Merry CHRISTMAS!
  • right back at u
  • Sweet Xmas, got some PP merch...Skull and Sword t-shirts and pull-over sweatshirt and a cool beanie. And I had XMAS Eve at the skatepark and XMAS day on a mountain (with my daughter on skis).

    Hope you all had the best Christmas and Happy new Year!

  • Happy New Year...Decade....SkateOners!
  • @WakeInFright You are already in 2020!?!? What is it like? Do cars fly yet?

    Thanks and Happy New Year to you too, and all the SkateOners!
  • Still burning @dofrenzy . Here’s some footage from a fire brigade from about 50 miles South from me going to battle a blaze at Cobargo, about 150 miles South from me!
  • @WakeInFright Holy fucking shit dude. I know....a lot of swearing, but holy fucking shit. Saw a pic yesterday of an inferno in the background and a kangaroo in the foreground. And your summer *just* started. Seriously, best of luck to the whole country.
  • @dofrenzy at the moment my state is down to 7 fires, and other states are copping it. Apparently New Zealand, has some of our smoke has blown over the ocean to their South Island!
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