Old school setup

Hey all.

I haven’t been in the skate scene since the mid 80s. I am in the midst of building an old school style board with the à Birdhouse 9.75” deck. I purchased Independant 169mm trucks based on that the online skate shop as recommended and the do not fit the predrilled in the deck. They are now saying I need to use 215mm ... I would think it would look ridiculous with truck surpassing the edge of the deck by a lot. In the 80s, I don’t recall the trucks surpassing the edge.

Any help would be appreciate!


  • Is the deck actual vintage? Others would know better, but I've read the hole configuration changed since the 80s. I just re-did a Steadham re-issue from the mid-90's and I had no problem putting Indy 159's on it. BTW, I went with 159's and 60mm bones on a similar sized deck. I would not recommend trucks sticking out past deck.
  • it's not vintage it is just a birdhouse old school deck but u can wait and see what others say and a photo would be nice too
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