cab dragon&bats reissue

are you going to reissue one with a green dragon like the old pink or black that had purple bats?love those colors the nos ones are bringing over $500.


  • i really liked the 1999 version i rocked the shit out of it and it took me forever to get a scratch on it it really amazed me!
  • yeah that would be nice... the green dragon really pops off that deck ,in fact that deck in pink or green rocks. what id
    really like to see again is the cab full dragon in hot pink..had one when they first came out. for me at least the street deck
    is just a tad too small.
  • the Dragon and Bats deck is staying silver for this catalog.
  • any chance we could get a fullsize version of the dragon and bats in the future?
    better yet, how about all 3 sizes of it,mini,street and fullsize
  • yeah full size would be nice
  • ill pass that on for you guys
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