didnt like what i saw!

was on ebay looking at stuff,people are selling thin ribs as rib bones,tailbones, starting bids at 10.00!some people have taken it upon themselves to start making thier own powellperalta skateboards,taking regular decks and painting them "old school"and selling them?.when did skating become like this?why are people,who dont skate, who dont even know what they are selling,allowed to do this? taking all your stuff and selling it on ebay? for twice as much money?i didnt start riding powell peralta so one day i could sell all my stuff on ebay!i hope everyone who reads this ,didnt start sk8ing so one day they could sell thier "way of life"to the highest bidder!if anyone ever sees my hawk or any skat8 i own on ebay,do me favour,come to dirty jersey and PUNCH me dead in the mouth! sorry if this note is a little preachy, but it just upsets me a little to see my/others, memories being bought and sold like cattle to the "highest bidder".too bad they dont sell ethics or class on ebay.


  • that's life
  • post a link. we have people that love to take care of frauds
  • Fraud decks are one thing. To sell old stuff is another. Maybe somebody is hard up for cash and on the other end, maybe someone is foaming at the mouth to find an old Tommy G to add to their collection because their Mom tossed it out decades ago and this particular skate company refuses to do a repo:)
  • we are not refusing to do Tommys board. it is his graphic with his name on it so he would have to ok it to be done. thats too bad about your board being tossed. im sure it happened to quite a few people over the years. my SMA Thiebaud Original Joker got tossed which is a shame. http://artofskateboarding.com/Pg/aos_pg_detail.asp?prod_id=136
  • well i gotta tell ya.. it sucks paying $500 bucks for a deck i threw away 20 years ago and ive bought 2 hawks and a mullen chess deck. total set me back around $1500.00 but for me its a different story i believe....i watched my mom battle cancer for the last 7 years and finally she lost the battle last october . afterwards i really needed a positive outlet to vent and stay healthy. and the best times i had..was skating with friends on my powell peralta boards. im not tryin to sound like a preachy kiss ass to powell... and im not lookin for sympathy...you wanna do something you love and its positive and healthy for you mentaly and phisicaly then by all means do it!! And do it often. and dont let anyone discourage you.
  • sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. you have done the right thing by using skateboarding as a positive outlet and not drugs or alcohol like lots of people do. sorry that we are not doing that reissue but it comes down to the rider signing off and feeling that it would benefit them to a certain extent.
  • yeah i feel great. im skating like i did when i was 16. i try to go to the local skate park 2x a week havin a blast and everyone there always gets a kick out of old school boards. i only skate powell boards......nothing else will do. like i said im happy with whats available i understand the politics of pros signing off and stuff.... im just glad you guys are still doin what you do best which is make awesome skate products. and im thankful for what a positive impact not only skating in general but also your products have had on my life.......so mush awesome history. thank you guys.
  • thats epic man. we are always stoked to hear that we still can keep everyone hyped on our products after all these years. there are going to be a few new reissues in this catalog and i hope you dig them.
  • awesome cant wait to see it!!! once again...thank you guys for everything you have no idea how simple things like seeing a package on my doorstep when i get home from work
    knowing its a deck i ordered makes the days that much easier to deal with. =)
  • awwwwww someone take a screen shot it is a kodak moment
  • i love coming home to toys on my door step too. its always a Kodak moment
  • damn right it is =)
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