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Skate One Manufacturing

Skate One Decks

We offer a full range of concaves, shapes, sizes, and graphics, guaranteed not to delaminate. Most Powell-Peralta® decks are made in the USA at our own skateboard manufacturing factory in Ventura, CA using U.S. hard rock maple. Designed and fabricated AirLam™ low pressure air bladder presses are used to laminate 7 plies of the finest grade American, hard rock maple, with high strength, water resistant glue. Each deck is then sealed against moisture with a water base acrylic semi-gloss finish. Mini Logo®, Powell Golden Dragon®, Powell-Peralta® Mini, and most of our Powell-Peralta popsicle decks are made the same way we do in Ventura but with our partner in China.

FLIGHT® Deck Construction

Five years ago we set out on an exploration to improve the strength and performance of skateboard decks and to see what was possible. FLIGHT decks apply what we learned into making a superior deck with increased performance at an affordable price.

Built in a new production area in our Ventura, California, facility, FLIGHT decks are stronger than a 7-ply. You'll get the feel of it in an hour or two and begin to realize you can do things riding a Flight deck that cannot be done on a 7-ply. Flight decks allow you to extend your limits, because they let you ollie higher, flip faster, do tricks more easily, and they don't break in two like a 7-ply.

FLIGHT decks are:

  • Thinner - as thin as your phone
  • Stronger - more than twice as strong in our tail break tests
  • Longer lasting - The epoxy infused, fiber reinforced structure of the Flight deck is extremely resistant to breaking, and this structure gives Flight decks "everlasting pop" that doesn't fade as your Flight deck slowly wears.
  • Ollies higher because of greater rebound and snap.

Team testing suggests that Flight decks will last several times as long as a 7-ply, making them a great value as well as a superior performing skateboard.

In fact, because Flight decks last so long, many of our team riders re-grip their decks two or three times before changing decks. One of our pros rode his Flight deck for eight months, and only retired it so he could ride a fresh graphic.

The way Flight decks usually wear out is through edge impacts and razor tail, not from losing their pop or breaking like a 7-ply. We have also occasionally seen the bottom maple ply of a Flight deck crack from extreme landings or being run over by a vehicle, but even this does not render a Flight deck unrideable. The strength and pop of a Flight deck is in the super strong reinforcing plies, not the maple bottom ply, which is there for grinding, not for strength.

Powell-Peralta™ Re-Issue Construction
Powell-Peralta re-issue decks are close reproductions of their 1980’s counterparts, featuring the original deck graphics and shapes, top graphic logo, truck hole pattern and spoon nose concave. They are manufactured by our partners in Mexico or in our Ventura skateboard factory, which is still directed by a few of the same craftsmen that made them originally.
Mini Logo™ Construction
Hand made using only the finest materials, Mini Logo™ is the leader of high performance/price point decks in the Industry. Warranted against de-lamination for the useful life of the deck and managed in our Santa Barbara Headquarters, Mini Logo™ utilizes 35 years of deck building experience and knowledge to truly deliver the best sizes, shapes and POP for less! Each deck is created from 7 plys of hard rock maple, fused in Skate One’s special low stress, AirLam™ presses, with water resistant, high strength glue and sealed against moisture with a lacquer semi-gloss finish. The bottom of Mini Logo™ decks are treated with a multi-layer coating consisting of a wood sealer layer and two full length colored ink layers for longer slides.
Golden Dragon and Positiv Construction
Golden Dragon and Positiv skateboards are made from Northern Hard Birch with our partners in China. Seven plies of quality veneer are cold-fused together using high-impulse, water-resistant glue in Skate One’s proprietary AirLam™ presses, to ensure maximum “pop” and durability. You can’t go wrong with the performance and value we build into every Golden Dragon and Positiv skateboard.

Deck Concaves

A double kick nose with extra deep concave that adds significant stiffness to a deck. This allows us to reduce a K12 deck’s thickness and weight without losing pop and response. It also features a steep, flat nose and tail. Maximum wheel base—14.50 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.
A double kick nose with deeper, smoother concave, longer wheelbase, concave kick on nose and tail and a scoop tail for a more secure foot placement without feeling trapped. A big boy version of the K12 allowing all terrain ripping with the stability of a longer wheelbase. Less wheel bite because the steeper concave goes out to the edge of the board. Maximum wheel base—15.75" Non symmetrical nose to tail.
This is like our K12 with a shorter wheelbase for smaller skaters. Maximum wheel base—12.25 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.
Mellow double kick concave with great foot feel between the trucks. The lower nose and tail angles allow for flatter, leveled-out pops, for shove-it and flip tricks. The mellow middle enables you to catch your board with the whole bottom of your foot instead of just your toes and heels, helping to eliminate the flapping that can occur with feet-off-the-board tricks.
Stretched K20 concave to allow for a longer 15” - 15.5” wheelbase.
A flat board, with some rocker and a kick tail. Maximum wheel base—29.0 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.
Classic Single Kicktail
Flat nose with a classic single kicktail
Spoon Nose III, A reissue of the classic Powell-Peralta golden age mold we made the original Bone Brigade’s decks from. A spoon nose kick tail with slight concave on the kick tail intended for making 10" x 30" style decks. Maximum wheel base—17.25 inches. Non-symmetrical nose to tail.

Skate One Concave Reference

Name Nose / Tail Width (Max) Center Concave Angle / Tail Angle / Nose Radius / Tail Radius / Nose Wheelbase (Max)
K7 Deep 9.00" Shallow 20º 20º 6.00" 6.00" 14.75"
K8 Deep 9.00" Shallow 20º 20º 8.70" 8.30" 14.75"
K12 Medium 9.00" Deep 19º 20º 7.00" 7.00" 14.50"
K15 Medium Deep 10.00" Deep 21º 22º 7.00" 6.30" 15.75"
K16 Medium Deep 9.00" Deep 19º 21º 7.00" 6.70" 12.75"
K19 Medium Deep 9.00" Medium 20º 22º 6.30" 5.70" 15.25"
K20 Subtle/Slight 9.00" Medium Deep 18º 18º 7.00" 7.00" 15.25"
K21 Medium 10.00" Deep 19º 18º 8.30" 8.30" 15.75"
FK1 Flat 9.50" Flat 18º N/A 11.00" N/A 28.75"
Classic Single Kicktail
SP3 Deep 10.50" Medium 22º N/A 12.00" N/A 20.75"

Skate One Deck Shape Specifications

Shape Concave Width Length Wheelbase Nose Tail
46 K12 7.75" 31.25" 13.875" 6.75" 6.375"
52 K12 7.5" 31.625" 13.75" 7.0" 6.375"
88 KXL 8.625" 43.625" 25.625" 6.125" 7.625"
89 KXL 9.25" 43.75" 25.625" 6.125" 7.75"
92 K12 7.375" 30.875" 13.5" 6.25" 6.375"
94 K10 9.375" 33.75" 15.5" 7.0" 7.0"
94 K15 9.375" 33.875" 15.5" 7.125" 7.125"
100 K12 8.0" 31.875" 14.125" 6.875" 6.625"
108 FK1 8.25" 39.0" 21.25" 4.0" 7.375"
112 K12 7.75" 31.75" 14.0" 6.875" 6.625"
113 K12 7.875" 32.0" 14.25" 6.875" 6.625"
114 Ki11 8.0" 32.25" 14.375" 7.0" 6.625"
124 K12 7.5" 31.375" 13.875" 6.75" 6.5"
125 Ki11 7.875" 31.625" 14.0" 6.875" 6.5"
126 K12 7.625" 31.625" 13.75" 7.0" 6.625"
127 K12 8.0" 32.125" 14.375" 6.875" 6.625"
130 FLT 8.875" 43.75" 25.625" 6.25" 7.625"
130 KXL 8.875" 43.75" 25.625" 6.125" 7.75"
131 Ki11 7.875" 31.625" 13.875" 7.0" 6.5"
132 K12 7.625" 31.75" 14.125" 7.0" 6.375"
135 K10 9.5" 32.75" 15.5" 6.0" 7.0"
135 K15 9.5" 32.75" 15.5" 6.125" 7.0"
138 K12 7.5" 31.875" 14.0" 7.0" 6.625"
142 FK1 8.25" 35.875" 20.5" 4.125" 7.125"
142 SPN2 7.5" 29.0" 14.0" 4.125" 5.75"
143 K13 7.375" 29.375" 12.75" 6.375" 6.0"
144 K10 10.0" 31.75" 15.5" 5.125" 6.875"
144 K15 9.89" 31.32" 15.38" 5.05" 6.7"
145 K10 10.0" 32.25" 15.5" 5.5" 7.0"
145 K15 10.0" 32.375" 15.5" 5.5" 7.0"
146 Ki11 7.75" 31.375" 14.0" 6.75" 6.375"
148 FK1 9.375" 36.125" 23.0" 3.375" 6.75"
149 FK1-40 8.75" 29.625" 16.625" 2.25" 6.625"
150 SP2 10.0" 30.0" 15.0" 3.875" 7.0"
152 Ki11 8.25" 32.25" 14.5" 7.0" 6.75"
154 Ki11 7.75" 31.75" 13.75" 7.0" 6.75"
157 SPN2 9.625" 29.75" 15.125" 3.5" 6.875"
159 SPN2 10.0" 29.25" 16.125" 2.375" 6.5"
160 SPN2 10.0" 30.375" 16.625" 2.875" 6.625"
162 FK1 7.25" 28.125" 14.0" 4.125" 5.75"
162 SPN2 7.25" 28.125" 14.0" 4.125" 5.75"
163 SPN2 10.0" 30.0" 15.0" 4.375" 6.625"
164 SPN2 10.0" 28.625" 16.375" 1.625" 6.375"
166 SPN2 10.0" 30.0" 16.0" 3.125" 6.625"
167 K10 10.0" 31.75" 14.5" 6.0" 6.75"
168 K15 8.5" 32.875" 15.75" 6.0" 6.875"
170 Ki11 8.25" 32.5" 14.375" 7.125" 6.75"
170 K15 8.25" 32.5" 14.375" 7.125" 6.75"
171 Ki11 8.5" 32.5" 14.375" 7.125" 6.75"
172 SPN2 10.0" 30.25" 17.25" 2.0" 6.75"
173 SPN2 10.0" 30.0" 15.75" 3.125" 6.875"
174 Ki11 8.375" 32.5" 14.5" 7.0" 6.75"
175 K15 10.0" 31.5" 15.5" 7.0" 4.875"
176 K15 9.5" 32.75" 14.525" 7.125" 6.75"
178 K15 10.0" 31.0" 14.5" 5.5" 6.75"
178 K15 9.125" 32.5" 15.25" 6.5" 6.5"
180 K15 8.75" 33.25" 15.0" 7.0" 7.0"
181 K15 8.5" 33.5" 15.0" 7.375" 7.0"
182 K15 9.0" 33.25" 15.0" 7.0" 7.0"
188 K12-A 7.88" 31.67" 14.25" 6.82" 6.40"
189 SP2 7.63" 24.0" 12.75" 1.75" 5.3"
190 K15 9.16" 32.68" 15.50" 6.56" 6.43"
191 K16 7.5" 28.65" 12.25" 6.2" 6.0"

Skate One Wheels

All our wheels listed below are made in Skate One’s skate wheel factory in Ventura, CA, USA. Only team tested proprietary urethanes are good enough for our wheels. We utilize different chemistries to offer skaters the very best wheel for the style of skating they prefer.


All BONES® WHEELS unique formulas are solely developed and produced in our own manufacturing plant located in Ventura, CA. Using drastically different physical and engineering properties for each formula, BONES creates unique urethanes for specific applications of skateboarding.

Street Tech Formula™


Street Tech Formula (STF) is specifically engineered from top quality components to obtain all the best properties necessary for the ultimate in street wheel performance.

Leading the industry.

Factory Tested, Team Tested, Factory Approved, Team Approved.

Skate Park Formula™

SPF is very high quality urethane specifically formulated to resist flatspotting on slick or smooth surfaces while maintaining a higher rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll.

SPF also has a high resistance to abrasion while not compromising hardness. SPF grips better on slick surfaces, is hard to flatspot, lasts longer and rolls faster than the competition.

All-Terrain Formula™

Filmers favorites, store run riders, boulevard bombers. SoftCore wheels are excellent for rougher terrain. When navigating through the cracks of the city’s repaving budget, ATF wheels will roll you there quickly and smoothly.

Mini Logo™ Wheels

Mini Logo™ high rebound, long lasting formulas provide more performance at a fraction of the price of most “pro” wheels. A number of our team skaters have told us that they prefer the way this compound skates over many more costly wheels. Mini Logo™ combines this high performance urethane with a simple graphic, and a popular range of shapes, sizes and hardnesses. Great performance and value guaranteed!

Mini Logo™ Hybrid 90a Formula

90a Hybrid Formula wheels combine the speed and durability of a hard wheel with the forgiveness of a soft wheel for all-terrain fun at any skill level. High rebound, long-lasting urethane for pro performance offered in A-cut shape for skating all terrains (56mm) and C-cut shape for technical skating (53mm)

Mini Logo™ A.W.O.L 78a Formula

78a A.W.O.L formula wheels in the A-Cut shape are perfect for rolling over any surface, cruising, and pushing. Our super-high rebound 78a formula and injection molded, fiber reinforced hub outperforms and outlasts most wheels, at a fraction of the cost. As a Skate One product, Mini Logo™ draws from same 40+ years of industry experience as our top-of-the-line Bones, These, and Powell Peralta wheels. But we offer them at a bare-bones price we know you’ll appreciate.

Powell-Peralta™ Wheels

Powell-Peralta™ Dragon Formula

The amazing new Dragon Formula™ (DF) Urethane is another industry leading innovation from Powell-Peralta. DF-93A Dragons will not only roll over rough terrain, but also grip and slide like 99A and 101A wheels do, so that you can do all your normal tricks and more on the greater range of skate terrains made skateable by its softer 93A hardness.

Speed: Dragons are very fast because DF-93A is super high rebound, an industry leading 18-20% higher than hard wheels. This higher rebound means you won’t lose speed in bowls or parks the way you would with an ordinary 93A wheel, and you will roll much smoother and faster on rough streets and sidewalks…even in places you used to have to walk your board.

Grip & Slide: Dragons slide on both rough and smooth terrains, and also grip when you need it. This is because Dragon Formula is not just an ordinary mid-90’s wheel formula. It has been developed over a ten year period to optimize and fine tune it to perfection. No other wheel can do what these Dragons can.

Durability: Dragon Formula is not only smooth, fast and slidable, it is also durable. The slidability comes from its unique blend of high performance materials by making the urethane weak so it will slide as the urethane wears away, not creating flats spots. Dragons are very long lasting so they are not only better skating, they are a great value too.

Powell-Peralta™ Park Formula

Powell-Peralta Park Formula is unsurpassed for skateparks and ramps, providing extra grip on smooth surfaces and twice the life of ordinary wheels, no matter where you ride them.

Powell-Peralta™ All Terrain Formula

Powell-Peralta All Terrain Formula is a special, soft 80A, poured on a small hard urethane hub to keep your bearings in place, give you the softest ride possible, and maximize speed and roll. This formula will out perform and out last traditional soft wheels, so if you ride where hard wheels don’t make sense, these are the ones to get.


Soft slide is a formula designed to be faster than anything else on the market, it allows you to slide as though you are riding something harder. It is very smooth sliding - definitely the best on the market for freeride or downhill. Because of its slide-ability, it is 3-4x more durable than our competitors wheels - and in some cases they are 18x more durable.

85a SSF - G-Slides

Can be used in skateparks, slashing the streets, commuting, or around town. The 85a formula has a firm initial traction that lets you carve with confidence, but they slide more like a 90a when sideways. This is a great wheel for someone who wants to do both skatepark skating, commute around town, and also a bit of downhill. It is one of our best ALL AROUND wheels in the line-up for a downhill skater going street, or a street rider going downhill.

75a SSF - Snakes

This is our softest and fastest formula, but it is also extremely durable. The Snakes are the perfect wheel for freeride skating, or commuting around town. They hiss as you carve or slide because of the forgiving and comfortable soft slide formula - it is ready to slide at any time, and comes pre-ground to make sliding easier than ever. This is the best wheel for ANY level of longboard skater, and will help them learn to slide and progress.

75a SSF PRO - Kevin R 72mm / Byron Essert 72mm

Our 75a SSF PRO formula is an upgraded formula over Snakes that offers more grip. It is for more advanced downhill and freeride skaters who love the feel of Snakes, but want a grippier feeling urethane. It feels as though it grips about 30% more, and is the perfect fill in for skaters who miss “Scales or the Offset 70”. If they request that wheel, suggest to them to try the Byron. The Kevin 72mm is a downhill race wheel for the masses, and is perfect for a high level freerider who wants to go fast, or to race some heats and freeride after.

75a, 78a, 80a, 82a RACE / Kevin R 75mm / BONES RR / ML AWOL (Yes, they all use the same high speed formula!)

This formula is built for high traction, and the fastest roll speed. It is meant to offer you substantial grip while carving and lots of braking power when worn in. It exchanges speed and grip for less durability than Soft Slide formulas. This is not an appropriate formula for high speed slides, or for freeride - it is for rolling around town with confidence and speed.

85a BOMBERS Formula

This is closer to a park wheel feel. It is soft and fast, but being park sized and shaped at 60mm it behaves like a soft skatepark wheel. It is the best choice for an old school bowl rider, or someone who rides some distance to and from the skatepark. If they have a chunky surface in their skatepark, this is an optimal choice.


Our clear 80a is not like any other clear urethane made to date. Every skater associates clear wheels with being slower, hard to slide, and with extremely poor durability - this is nothing like George’s clear 80a. The 80a clear is substantially more durable than our other formulas and has a ton of grip, both initial carving traction and when sideways it has strong brakes. In 56mm and 59mm it is an aesthetic cruiser wheel that will roll further and faster than our competition - in downhill and freeride it will be a sticky and grippy formula that lasts for weeks. It is so durable that it does not leave lines when sliding. It is an excellent choice for commuting, since it has high grip, and high durability.