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  • Fark! And No Complies are my favourite trick and this douche has to put his name/face to it. Far q V!!!!!
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    They're called Never Complys now, Wake.  Get with the program, lol.  You gotta admit, Mike V has a really nice No Comply though.  Maybe the best out there.  I think Ray Barbee's no comply is the only one that can compete, but his is more finesse whereas Mike's is more powerful.  Both great.
  • I don't know, there were a few pp guys that popped them real well, but totally agree about Barbee's finesse. If V was to choose a trick to associate with one of his brands I believe "Disaster" would be most appropriate ;-)
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    Duane Peters would kick his ass for that.  And could do it, too.
  • Lol and after that he could associate the trick "Boneless" or "Spine Transfer" with his next brand
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    Speaking of The Master Of Disaster, here's his newest deck.  Available in 11 different colorways...
  • Cool. That guy has had so many new decks released in the last few years. I reckon that pp bb doco helped him a bit!
  • Yeah, probably. I think this is a really nice looking board.
  • So do I. I think it's that footballish shape that Dr likes so much
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    fak me.. thats unreal! Peters does it again.
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    I figure this fits into this thread somehow:

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    good share for sure @hawkhair .. the link has some great prints. A couple in particular are the Sieben pieces. When I had my shop years back I couldn't keep anything the Roger skateboards made. 20% skateboarding 80% weed and cobras was out the door as fast as I could get them in. Shame they couldn't keep the brand alive but as Bueno changed to Roger now we have Program. I'm sure there will be some good art that comes out of this brand as well.


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    I'm sure most have seen these at this point but just in case you haven't

    photo PhotoGrid_1437715288889_zpsjnymi1is.jpg
  • Yeah I saw them yesterday and I like. That fishheads one is a bit Gonz inspired by Picasso
  • The blue stained glass Hammerhead on the left is sweeeeet!!
  • Stained glass is rad, ordered the fish pop this morning.

    Look Bruce Jenner is getting a reissue.

    photo Screenshot_2015-07-24-09-34-17_zps2uflz4ll_edit_1437755959172.png_zpsxgrh53qe.jpeg
  • I thought once it's gone, it's gone ;-)
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    Once it's gone it's reissued! @mudslinger did you get the wider fish? And now we know you had a shop eh, unless I missed where you said that before, which is very possible. I'm assuming you're a teacher now since it seems like you have the summer off with you skate park tour :) but I know what they say about assuming.
  • @hawkhair I grabbed the smaller one. I'm a pretty small guy with little feet. I rode a 7.5 pop for 13 years and that just feels comfortable to me. Don't get me wrong I love riding everything else but when it comes to a pop shape going wider doesn't seem to benefit me in any way. I had a shop from 2009-2011, it was fun and a pain in the ass all in the same breath. I skated less during that time than I have in my whole life. Having a shop and being surrounded by product and engulfed in the industry with no time to skate was depressing... anywho.

    I am a network engineer for Centurylink for the past 16 years and juggled that while having the shop as well. The projects I'm currently working on have me full speed at 6:am and by 2:pm I'm done for the day. That gives me between 2-3 hours before the kids need to be picked up... this schedule won't last forever so I'm taking advantage while I can.
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    @mudslinger Owning a shop no matter what it is definitely would kill your free time. I really imagined you being in a van doing a summer park tour, lol. I think I'll stick with my initial assumption, I like it better. I'm also entrenched into the corporate gig (biggest ecommerce company beginning with an A) right now doing multimedia projects for employees.
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