• go out nobody wins?
    Ive never sold a deck, so not sure what drugs you guys are on
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    Yuk yuk yuk! Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn bridge?
  • gees, yeah go out = never sell anything and keep your stuff till you die. no body wins = the man who dies with the most toys wins.... bullshit

    in other words ...... never sell anything and then its gone forever 
  • I sell all my used decks on Ebay now after I'm done with them.  It's amazing what people will buy.  The decks go on Ebay for like $2.00 over what I would spend on shipping, and people go to town; usually they sell for over $20.  I don't feel bad about it, because it's not like I'm saying they're new.  I make sure to take good pics and be honest in the ad copy.  It's better than throwing my thrashed decks in the corner bar's dumpster like I used to, where they didn't earn me a cent and wound up clogging some landfill.   
  • I leave my used decks at a local skatepark. My used decks are better than what most of the kids are skating.
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    I like that Kyle, let the kids have at it. I'm still not understanding what's going on with ghostriders boards. I'm picturing a sumo sized dude riding like the Tired crew and smashing shit.

    By the way, a new want for me:

    I'd also settle for this:
  • that Vision BB is unreal
  • "I hit hard/ like blind retards in bumper cars/"
  • MCA said in his Will that the Beastie Boy's Image and Music could not be used for profit, only for charity.  So I doubt we will ever see a Beastie Vision Reissue.
  • Makes sense with the not for profit. I'm a huge b-boys fan, maybe they can make one without the Vision tag just for me with all profits going to charity :)
  • There's always the Elephant Black Flag deck, and the Suicidal deck as well. Hey isn't V man from New Joisey? That's right near The Beasties' New York. Maybe his new sewerage Treat Plant label can do a B Boys deck and ruin another decent band
  • East Coast mother fukkas is whacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All of 'ems.

  • I still have Licensed to Ill on cassette
    The more I look at the Vision deck the more I want one
  • I thought Henry Rollins had already ruined Black Flag.
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    @doc if you score an Ill deck first don't post it on here. I'll be too jealous, the tears may fall on my phone and short it out.
    I threw out all my cassettes 5 years ago which included my original licensed to ill from 86, dumb...
  • Not good Hawkhair
  • Doesn't MCA have a skatepark in his honor somewhere?
  • She's Crafty -
    "When I woke up late in the afternoon
    She had taken all the things from inside his room
    I found myself naked in the middle of the floor
    She had taken the bed and the chest of drawers
    The mirror, the TV, the new guitar cord
    My remote control and my old skateboard"
  • I gotta say hairy im gonna be on the lookout for that deck now.. I think later when im motivated enough Ill be throwing up a few wanted posts around the joints
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    I'm hoping that ya'll don't get motivated (regretting posting my want here now lol). 

    @Kyle There was talk about renaming a park in MCAs honor, don't know if it happened.

    One more fantastic b-boy lyric with a pp reference:

    "Well, I'm brewing up rhymes like I was using a still
    I've got an old school flow like Mike Mcgill"

  • "Ad rock come and rock the sure shot"
  • WANTED : Vato Rat pig reissue.



    And used OG Hawk pig.


  • I've got a mint Vato reissue, mounted with new red Indy's and new blue Rat Bones. I'm not dying to part with it, but my want list would include a Barbee angel reissue or grey LMFP reissue.
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