bones brigade.....

documentary is in the works

RT @tonyhawk: Bones Brigade documentary is in the works. Preliminary meeting today at LAX. Yes, it's real:


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    Yeah!!!!!!! this picture pretty much rules. could you imagine walking into this restaurant and seeing this?
  • yep, much love for those individuals.
  • OMG I've died and gone to Heaven. My prayers have been answered!! The Bones Brigade!!!! Hell Yeah!! 20 years in the making!! Thanks Bill & Nick for the updates. Keep us posted!
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    oh and here is some freestyle footy featuring harris from the philly freestyle contest
  • Hey fellas! Been away for a while, but have been looking in here all the time.
    This has been a long time coming! Can't wait for this to come out.
    So, are we gonna just see the Original Bones Brigade, or are all the past skater's going to be on it?
    I know one particular person who would love to get a call from Stacey.....
  • a bones brigade documentery/film would be awesome and its well over due. however.. im really excited at the "possibilty" that hawk,mullen, and guerrero are there hopefully
    discussing re-issuing thier pro models in alignment of the release which would only make sense becasue thats what happened after "Lords of Dogtown" oh yeah..and hopefully we
    get another run of "Future Primitive" in a brighter colorway full dipped with Lances name on it again. id only buy half a dozen of those and 5 mullens and 5 guerreros and 5 hawks. ;)
    my fingers are officially crossed.
  • Hell yeah I hear you Nick! That would only make sense to release those reissue's with the release of the documentary. Fingers crossed, candles lit, prayers said, I hope that was enough.. 
  • wow .. this will be unreal!
    how cool is that pic .. I hope the doco goes into the artists, factory location, manufacturing as well a little
  • Oh hell yea, The Bones Brigade deserves the same respect and treatment as the DogTown boys did. The Dogtown boys invented skateboarding.....the Bones Brigade made skateboarding a top sport and brought it to the masses. The DT guys had Cali....the BB guys had the entire world. They were the next step, and deserve to be recognized as such. Especially when you look at the only 2 docs that focus on the mid 80s to early 90s era are Stoked and Rising Sun.....two really tragic stories. It's about time that the second movement in skateboarding received the treatment it deserves, and seeing as the BB WERE skating in the 80s, it's only fitting that they get a good doc.

    Just like it's only fitting that I get a flammable bones shirt reissue and a black and red LM FP deck.....and a silver dip crest.
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    found another pic. =)
  • Stacy, Rodney, CAB, Tony, MIke, Lance and Tommy will be working on a Bones Brigade Documentary starting in February 2011.

    On Monday, November 29th at Los Angeles International Airport, seven individuals that have had an extreme influence on skateboarding sat down to discuss work on a documentary of their experience. They met at the Encounter restaurant in the middle of the airport to begin work on this monumental film.

    Stacy wrote, "Those skaters known as the Bones Brigade are now old enough to take a look back. At a time in the 80's when many people were mourning the second death of skateboarding, the Bones Brigade through passion, drive, creativity and a surprising sense of teamwork redefined the sport for their time and the future".

    Documentary filmmaker, Stacy Peralta in a new film with Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero and others will investigate the history, the team and the men to determine what is the legacy of the Bones Brigade. "Five years ago the guys got together and told me they wanted to do this. They believed they had a significant story others would want to know about. So now we're going to see."

    Simultaneously, a Powell-Peralta coffee table book is in the works. It will include the Bones Brigade, but also other things you knew and didn't know about Powell-Peralta.
  • This is going to be one rad doc!
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    Bones Brigade Documentary In The Works!!!

    Today, Powell Peralta announced that documentary filmmaker Stacy Peralta (Dogtown And Z-Boys) will begin work on a Bones Brigade documentary film featuring Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero and Lance Mountain, telling the story of skateboarding in the mid-late 80′s and of the legendary Bones Brigade.

    Mike V, who has now rejoined the Powell Peralta team full-time, will also be featured in the film and will work directly with Stacy Peralta to discuss his involvement and role in the growth of, and the changes in skateboarding in the late 80′s.

    Says Mike V, “Powell Peralta and the Bones Brigade has always been my ideal. Since I left the team in 1989, I’ve been chasing after that ideal, or at least trying to make good on it. With Stacy Peralta back with George Powell, I could not refuse the opportunity to drop everything I was doing and join forces with two people I have great respect and admiration for, and for a cause I truly believe in. I feel I can finally now make peace with my skateboard career. And that as far as the business of skateboarding is concerned, that I now have a purpose to continue to be involved for a long time to come.”

    Mind Blowing!!!!"
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    HOLY CRAP MIKE V IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bill, that better not be a joke =)
  • nope took it from his site
  • yep! here it is!!! here is the link to the site..and heres an awesome pic of him doing a riduculously high no-comply during Public Domain. this is sensory overload.. im gonna melt.
  • haha hell yea
  • haha now i can see it in front of me and on the left of me
  • So let me get this straight Bill......Mike V is back with Powell Peralta??? Am I hearing this right???
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    yep! u got it. its on his official site. its a done deal.
  • Oh man!!! This news has made my week!! This is gonna open a floodgate for Powell Peralta!! That's unreal!!
    Yeh I would loooove to see a new Barnyard!! Welcome back Mike!! From all of us on here!!
  • 2010 has been so insane for skateboarding
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