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Bones Brigade Shadowbox Hawk BLEM Deck

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Brand Bones Brigade
Deck Shape 151
Deck Concave SP2
Deck Wheelbase 15.5"
Deck Length 30.05"
Deck Width 10"
Deck Nose 3.55"
Deck Tail 6"


Last One available from canceled order.

BLEM, first colorway Hawk Bones Brigade unsigned deck mounted in a shadowbox. Deck mounted to wood block by two flathead screws, block mounted to velour backing by two truss screws.

Bones Brigade BLEM deck

  • Cosmetic defects include, but are not limited to minor scratching, paint chipping, tape marks, fingerprints, paint smudges, etc
  • Each deck was manufactured in the same way as their first quality counterpart
  • Each deck has a minor cosmetic defect and could not be offered as first quality
  • Decks are clearly stamped BLEM between truck holes

Some feel that a BLEM deck could have more collectible value than it's first quality version. Much like a mis-stamped coin, stamp or other mis-marked collectible since less of them are being made available.


  • Back loading for easy access
  • Hanging hardware attached
  • Soft velour backing
  • 31in x 16in x 1.5in
  • Solid construction
  • Glass

Each comes with a

  • Bones Brigade BLEM unsigned deck mounted in a shadowbox
  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Deck insert card

Check out the blog post for more info.

Total weight 16lbs.

Bones Brigade Shadowbox Hawk BLEM Deck

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  • Bones Brigade Shadowbox Hawk BLEM Deck
  • Bones Brigade Shadowbox Hawk BLEM Deck
  • Bones Brigade Shadowbox Hawk BLEM Deck