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Destructo D2 Mid 5.0 Single Truck

Availability: Discontnued


Brand Destructo
Truck Width 7.5"
Truck Make Destructo


  • Ultra light
  • Industrial strength
  • Computer refined geometry
  • Responsive turning
  • Maximum stability
  • Low profile
  • Inverted kingpin
  • Fully interchangeable components
  • Weapons grade aluminum
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Built with super low kingpins ultra light
  • Grade 8 strong maximum clearance
  • Minimum hangup standard socket
  • Allen key adjustment
  • Easy disassembly/replacement


  • Featuring the worlds best bushings
  • Dual durometer/standard equipment
  • Licensed BONES HardCore technology


Single truck, so you will need to get two for one set up.

Destructo D2 Mid 5.0 Single Truck

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  • Destructo D2 Mid 5.0 Single Truck