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  • Yellow Cab, Blue geegah Ripper & Grey Gelfand on the site now!
  • dig the colorways
  • Spot on with what most of us want. I'm trying to remember how much the decks in the "classic" line went for around 4-5 years ago. Weren't they closer to $50?
  • 69 i think
  • Hmm that's the current price. I swear they were less until the bb series made its debut.
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    almost sure it has been 69 for the old school decks for a good long while and the pops were 50ish
  • The China pops are only $10 less than the USA pops.
  • the usa ones usually have a pro name on it so that money goes to the pro
  • My point is they should just produce them all in the USA. I will gladly spend an extra $10 on a deck to keep in manufactured in the birthplace of skateboarding...USA!
  • same here my man
  • Looks like the yellow Cab is SP3.
  • So's the Ollie
  • Pics are up of the Claw, FP, and Irongate. They look great, but they all have oval dragons, that can't be era correct.
  • It's not correct. My og claw I recently sold had a ripper.
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    Mullen and Cab too. Only the Mullen and Lmfp would be era correct but I don't care as I always preferred the oval dragon SK8ER. Some may see it as lazy, but others will believe it respects collectors interests as it isn't too hard to remove or alter some words or years in a graphic and sell it off as og
  • They could put a dead bird there and I would still buy the claw and iron gate!
  • I like the oval dragon more than the winged ripper.
  • They must have their reasons for making some elements different. Then again this is a company that has had parts of its customer base crying out for 10+ years to have historically accurate reissues and they are only just starting to after a decade.
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    Hit the nail on the head Paul. It seems like they had to reinvent how to make what they pumped out in the 80s/90s using transfers now. We should be in for some reissue treats the next few years.

    I think the oval dragon is just a consistency thing for all of the bb series. Also from the new pics with the Claw it looks like there may be a more official numbered certificate with the 8th series.

    BTW Rats Sweatpants in stock.
  • 5th & 6th series Hawks, McGills, TG's and Lmfp's were winged rippers! The rats are rad looking...shame no reds!
  • Just were Cabs and Mullens!
  • Hey Wake I think I remember you saying you have a set of the Skull and Sword 58mm 90a wheels. What are they like to ride, are they kinda slow in bowls and ramps etc? Have you tried the 58mm 90m Oval Dragon wheels?
  • @wake good detective work. Maybe the top graphic is a consistency thing about being inconsistent. :p
  • Lol Hawkhair!
    I have the oval dragons Paul, not the s&s. I use them as purely a street wheel to replace bombers which are a little soft, sluggish and heavy imo
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